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Movieng On: West End Cinema’s Old Competitors and D.C.’s New Film Houses

Netflix, E Street Cinema, and a tiny Mount Pleasant spot set to screen vintage cuts

Arts Roundup: Up Yours, Snow Edition

Architectural firm picked to redesign Martin Luther King Jr. Library. [Housing Complex]
The prez loves his HBO drama series. [Huffington Post]
Netflix is ramping up its lobbying efforts on the Hill. [CPI via Huffington Post]
Woolly Mammoth is like, "F a snowstorm." [Post]
A new book prize honors deceased Politics & Prose co-owner Carla Furstenberg Cohen. [Post]
Ron Moten releases [...]

D.C. Extras: Get Ready for Your House Of Cards Close-Up

Ever dream of seeing your name in lights? How about the soft blue light of a laptop instead?
There’s a D.C. casting call out for House of Cards, the David Fincher-led political drama based on a BBC series of the same name that’s due to premiere on Netflix later this year. It’s “the largest Hollywood project [...]

Arts Roundup: Dance for Arianna Edition

HuffPost Says Move!: D.C. concert crowds don't dance enough, writes Huffington Post DC blogger Ben E. Kessler. Wait, what? Kessler, whose bio page says he works on food safety policy when not trying to incite mosh pits, says that if "shaking dance floors and balconies isn't in the cards for us just yet, there are [...]

The Best TV Shows of 2010, From Someone Without a TV

I've never considered myself an avid TV watcher. Sure, there are a few programs I hold near and dear to my heart, but there are few shows for which I'd carve time out of my routine to sit down and watch. In September, my roommate and I decided to save a couple bucks and go [...]

With Closing of Adams Morgan Blockbuster, Only Eight Video Stores Remain in D.C.

News broke on e-mail lists over the weekend that the Blockbuster on Columbia Road NW is shuttering—hardly a surprise, since the former behemoth announced last fall its plan to close as many as 960 stores nationwide by the end of this year, reported the AP.
It means that there's just one Blockbuster left in the District, at 410 8th Street [...]

Arts Roundup: #teamconan or #teamjay? Edition

Good morning! The Washington National Opera revealed its 2010-2011 season this week after announcing in December it would be scaled back to five productions. Director and world-famous tenor Plácido Domingo (right) said the weak economy has made raising money increasingly difficult, which also means a fairly conservative season of popular, mostly German and Italian works—a [...]

Arts Roundup: What Your Netflix Queue Says About You Edition

Arlington: Why do you love Death Race so much?
Good morning, Washington metro area! Your taste in movies is really, really boring!
Over the weekend, the New York Times posted a fascinating map of Netflix rental patterns by zip code in 12 American cities. The Washington region's (actually, every region's) No. 1 DVD rental from the service [...]