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ToDo ToDay: Cre.Art Project, Mike Birbiglia, and Waxahatchee

Pack your weekend with gallery visits, jangle pop, and spooky plays.

Jazz Setlist, May 2-7: Not Your Usual Venues

Saturday, May 3
Look, everyone knows about the Funk Parade at this point, right? It's a daylong outdoor fair and festival on U Street that's assumed such proportion that, frankly, the titular parade seems to be one of the smallest parts. And while, yes, funk is the dominant motif of the day, there'll be plenty of [...]

Tinariwen’s Tassili, Reviewed

It’s hard to know how long a record like Tassili lasts. It’s easy to get lost in, feel transported by, and forget when it all began. There’s no studio trickery to speak of, but the droning, repetitive grooves feel endless in the best way. Songs end when they feel like they should; yet how Tinariwen [...]

Photos: The Nels Cline Singers @ Black Cat

"Jazz Ruins Everything," read the sticker on bassist Devin Hoff's electric instrument, but if anything the Nels Cline Singers have gotten more jazzy, or at least less noisy, over the past couple of years. That didn't make last night's packed-house show (there may well have been more folks crammed into the Black Cat backstage than [...]

Tonight: Nels Cline Singers at Black Cat

You know him today as the lead guitarist for Wilco. But in fact, Nels Cline (along with his twin brother Alex) has for over 30 years been a major force in improvised music. Much of his work is far too experimental to comfortably be pigeonholed into jazz or any other genre; that said, Cline has [...]

Wilco (The Exit Interview)

In which Steve Kolowich, a Wilco devotee, and Ted Scheinman, a recent convert, discuss last night's show at the Strathmore.
Steve: Ted, you're a concert-going man. NPR has called Wilco "the best live band in America"; I've been talking your ear off about their chops for months; and your girlfriend has been burning CDs like it's [...]

Wilco (The Lovefest) @ Wolf Trap

The critical buzz around Wilco’s latest, self-titled album has centered on the notion of identity. Some have heralded Wilco (the album) as a reclamation of the insouciance of the band’s early albums, while others—particularly City Paper’s own Aaron Leitko—have described it as a tour of the band’s sonic arc over the last decade. But aside [...]

Q&A: Trixie DVD on Ashes of American Flags

For some reason, everybody wants to make a movie about Wilco. The Chicago based band has been the subject of, or at played a significant role in, two full-length documentaries already. And during most of that screen time, the band is grumpy. Remember the scene in The Man In The Sand where singer-songwriter Jeff Tweedy [...]

Music 2008: My Year in Concerts

You haven't had enough of the lists yet, have you? Good. Here's one more quick one: my list of favorite shows of the year, mostly in D.C. but also ranging north to Baltimore and south to Charlottesville (links all lead to photos):

St. Vincent at Rock & Roll Hotel, February 26
Nels Cline Singers at the [...]