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Opening Now in Washington? Yeah, Right.

Ned Martel is pissed he's waiting an extra week to see Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy.
In Sunday's Washington Post Outlook section, the former editor of Style and occasional Washington City Paper punching bag took a deep dive on a frequent complaint of local filmgoers—that New York and Los Angeles get all the good movies first.
Back in [...]

Arts Roundup: Greener Pastures Edition

In Through the Out Door: Yesterday, the Washington Post announced two significant personnel changes. First, editor Erik Wemple will leave the beleaguered Allbritton website to blog about media and politics under Editorial department leader Fred Hiatt. Second, Style section editor Ned Martel—amidst ongoing rumors of drama and conflict in his section—will transition to covering [...]

Fare Assessment: WaPo Goes to the Oscars

There are plenty of reasons for an arts critic to leave town—say, vacation. OK, OK, all critics should see what's animating the national conversation from time to time—it can broaden and inform their perspective. But sometimes it feels like The Washington Post's reviewers are spending a bit too much time consuming art in other cities, [...]