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Arts Roundup: Lavender and Cats! Edition

Even better than the line about bidets in Sally Quinn's remembrance of her friend Nora Ephron is this: "Lavender and cats! I had never liked either one — who knew they were going to be the next hot things?" [Post]
The only thing worse is Air Sex. [Brightest Young Things]
Chompie is back! [DCist]
Reviews of the National [...]

Arts Roundup: It’s in the Groove Edition

Slowly, slowly, Christoph Eschenbach is making welcome changes at the National Symphony Orchestra. [Post]
How D.C. street artist DECOY got into mural-making out of shyness. [Pink Noise]
Ian Svenonius visits Muscle Shoals. [Vice]
John Feffer, Fringe mainstay, on John Feffer [DC Theatre Scene]
Mynabirds returns to D.C., home of singer Laura Burhenn [Post]

Arts Roundup: “Open Season On the Corcoran” Edition

Tyler Green: "The depth of the Corcoran’s predicament has been clear for a while." [Artinfo]
The Post is rich with metaphors for the Corcoran's present situation: David Montgomery and Lonnae O'Neal Parker analyze the rocky "marriage" between its school and struggling gallery [Post], and Phil Kennicott, speaking of the institution's possible move to the 'burbs, says "This [...]

National Symphony Orchestra Premieres Two New Chamber Works Today

Two newly composed works for chamber ensembles will be unveiled at a free concert at the Kennedy Center today. Members of the National Symphony Orchestra will perform Philip Parker’s "Dance Variants on Waltzing Matilda" and Grant Cooper’s "Octagons for Clarinet and String Quartet," starting at 6 p.m. at the Millennium Stage. The two pieces are [...]

Arts Roundup: Magic Lantern Edition

The National Symphony Orchestra announces a June tour of Las Americas. [Post]
Bob Woodward: The Internet is not "a magic lantern" that lights up scandals. [Post]
The irksome Washington Post Social reader, which tells all your Facebook friends you've been reading studies about breast enlargement, weight loss, and/or Adele's love life, seems to be "working." [Porcupine]
Studio Theatre's [...]

Fidelio at the Kennedy Center, Reviewed

Fidelio is Beethoven’s only opera, so you’d think it would get performed more. But it doesn’t. The last time the National Symphony did it was 1970, though its rousing overtures periodically make it into Beethoven potpurri programs. So it’s a rare treat to see the whole thing at the Kennedy Center, if not fully staged, [...]

Bluebeard’s Castle at the Kennedy Center, Reviewed

“This is my torture chamber,” says the namesake in Bluebeard’s Castle. “Your torture chamber is horrible!” exclaims Judith, his bride. Such is the libretto to Béla Bartók’s only opera. Its wooden dialogue and B-grade slasher plot would justifiably draw snickers were it actually staged. Thankfully, at the Kennedy Center this weekend, it isn’t: For an [...]

Also Coming to the Kennedy Center: Lang Lang, Don Giovanni, and “Nordic Cool”

The Kennedy Center unveiled its 2012-2013 season today. The Book of Mormon is probably the most eagerly anticipated production—perhaps the timing of its D.C. debut is a harbinger for a President Romney?—but in terms of classical music, there are some other, non-Mormon performances worth considering.
Lang Lang, aka China’s Liberace or That Guy With the Hair, [...]

National Symphony in the Hood: Columbia Heights Edition

“1/2 price wine and National Symphony Orchestra” read the sign outside of Acre 121, in that order. This leaves a slightly sad impression as to which of the two Acre’s manager thought would be the bigger draw. But whichever it was, the midscale BBQ restaurant was packed on Wednesday, the first night of the NSO’s [...]

Don’t Be Bored: Cello Rock!

For more than a decade, Amy Domingues has served as the No. 1 cellist-for-hire in D.C.’s indie-rock scene. She’s played strings on more than a few huge local albums, including Fugazi’s The Argument, two Dead Meadow records, a handful of Bob Mould releases, and Ted Leo & The Pharmacists’ Tyranny of Distance. But all the while, she’s [...]