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Arts Roundup: White, Male, and Imported Edition

D.C.'s theater season is white, male, and imported [Gwydion Suilebhan]
Photos from Candy Chang's "Before I Die" project at 14th and Q streets NW [Huffington Post D.C.]
Chuck Brown was missed at the Harlem Renaissance Festival in Landover, Md. [Post]
Shady Grove might get its very own Patriot Center after all [Post]
The Pentagon was on board to work [...]

Reviewed: Mathew Brady’s Union Generals at National Portrait Gallery

The sesquicentennial of the Civil War is bringing a number of thematic exhibits to the National Portrait Gallery; the most recent is a selection of images of Union generals by the most famous photographer of the era, Mathew Brady. The museum has created modern prints from original negatives, all in the petite format known as [...]

Arts Roundup: Susan Eisenhower Edition

Susan Eisenhower says Frank Gehry's proposed Dwight D. Eisenhower memorial is communist, fascist, and gosh-darn disgraceful. [Post]
"One Life: Amelia Earhart," a year-long exhibit focusing on the legendary American pilot, will open at the Portrait Gallery June 29. [Post]
Wednesday's sold-out Fiona Apple concert has been postponed until March 28. [Sixth & I]
The Washingtonian's website gets a jazzy new [...]

Reviewed: “Mementos” at the National Portrait Gallery

“Miniatures” sounds precious, in more ways than one, and most of the examples in “Mementos: Painted and Photographic Miniatures, 1750-1920” at the National Portrait Gallery fit that description closely—they’re tiny, elegantly crafted, and sentimental, particularly those with the soft edges of an oval format. They “were often made as mementos, love tokens, or memorials that [...]

Reviewed: “In Vibrant Color” at the National Portrait Gallery

Is it possible for a work of art to look cutting-edge and dated at the same time? The images in the National Portrait Gallery’s exhibit “In Vibrant Color: Vintage Celebrity Portraits from the Harry Warnecke Studio” manage this odd feat. They served as cover art for the New York Daily News’ Sunday magazine during the [...]

Penny Starr Returns With New Attack on Gays, National Portrait Gallery

Is Penny Starr losing her touch?
The activist-slash-journalist who launched the campaign that got a queer-themed artwork removed from the National Portrait Gallery is back—with, well, the exact same complaint about the same museum. But this year, her timing is off.
In late November 2010, Starr penned a complaint about "Hide/Seek: Difference and Desire in American Portraiture," [...]

Arts Roundup: Belly Ablaze Edition

Seek and You Shall Find: "Hide/Seek," the exhibition of queer-themed artwork that was censored by the Smithsonian's secretary last year, has opened a year later at the Brooklyn Museum, more or less without incident—a fact that says a lot about rapidly evolving cultural attitudes toward gay and lesbian art, writes Philip Kennicott in the Washington [...]

Reviewed: “The Black List” at the National Portrait Gallery

There are at least two contrasting schools of photographic portraiture. In one, a photographer (most famously Arnold Newman) places subjects within their natural environments, like the workplace or some other meaningful spot. In the other, the photographer seeks to visually isolate their subject from all outside influences (as Richard Avedon famously did with his stark, [...]

One Year After “Hide/Seek”

On Friday, Nov. 18, D.C. art nonprofit and alternative art space Transformer is hosting its eighth annual silent auction and benefit gala. In some respects, though, it's more of a one-year anniversary party.
It was just about this time last year that the National Portrait Gallery opened "Hide/Seek: Difference and Desire in American Portraiture," an exhibition [...]

Arts Roundup: Dissonance Edition

Loitering in B Flat: In what might only guarantee more loitering from me if not a decrease in the loitering of anyone else, the National Portrait Gallery is now playing classical music outside in an effort to keep the kids away from its very perchable stairs, DCist reports. DCist also suggests the museum play Wagner's [...]