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Souvenir from Natural History’s “Human Origins” Opening: Me as a Neanderthal

Yes, that's me. I look like the kid in Jumanji.
I took it in what is now my favorite photobooth in D.C., in the National Museum of Natural History's new, permanent David H. Koch Hall of Human Origins (more on that namesake below), which opened this morning to the press, and this afternoon to the public. [...]

Captivated—and Captive—at Natural History’s Wittelsbach-Graff Diamond Presser

You know the cliché. But it's not just diamonds that are forever. So too, apparently, are their press previews.
Well, forever is a stretch. But it's hard not to count the seconds and glance nervously toward the door when the door is locked, guarded, and made of austere metal. As far as I could tell, curators [...]