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Meet a Local Cartoonist: A Chat with Art Hondros

Art Hondros has had an interesting year.  You may have seen his story "Fox Guy" in the Washington Post Magazine this March. He also did the cover to the latest edition of Magic Bullet. Now, he has just finished "Song of Sandy Hook," a comic on gun control.
Washington City Paper: What type of comic work or [...]

Reviewed: Brian Skerry at the National Geographic Society

Once again, the National Geographic Society dazzles with nature photography made in the most difficult of circumstances. To produce the images in “Ocean Soul: Photographs by Brian Skerry,” the photographer spent 10,000 hours underwater, some of it under 25 feet of ice or feet away from 70-ton whales. Skerry found a riot of color—glowing clams,  [...]

FotoWeek DC Kicks Off Tomorrow

It’s time again for FotoWeek DC, the week-long festival of photography that began in 2008. It kicks off with a launch party tomorrow night and runs through Nov. 12.
We’ve already reviewed a number of the exhibits. One of the others that's already open to the public is “Ocean Soul, Photographs by Brian Skerry” at the [...]

Reviewed: “Behind the Story” at National Geographic Society

The National Geographic Society has some nerve. Like a grinning overachiever, Nat Geo dazzles us with gorgeous, seemingly effortlessly made photographs from far-flung locales, all but dripping with gravitas and insight. Then what does the society do? It mounts an exhibition of the outtakes from those photographic journeys—and they’re still jaw-droppingly good. The exhibit is [...]

“These Stories Are Important to Share”: Silent Shame at the African Diaspora Film Festival

Filmmaker Dalia Tapia's debut feature, Silent Shame, premieres at the National Geographic African Diaspora Film Festival Saturday at 12:30pm: It's a well-paced drama with tough subject matter—a man confronts the HIV-related death of his mother, who contracted the disease from his estranged father—that hits all the right notes. It's suspensful, and its characters are authentically [...]

An African Diaspora Film Fest Primer

The fifth annual African Diaspora Film Festival begins tomorrow at the National Geographic Society Headquarters. Entries include a film about the bleaker side of Jamaican reggae, a Sundance-winning doc on the Civil Rights Movement's Freedom Riders, and a coming-of-age tale set in the diamond-rich area of Congo.
The festival is a part of the All Roads [...]

Meet a Local Cartoonist: A Chat with Jeffrey Thompson

Jeffrey Thompson’s worked at Big Planet Comics Bethesda for a long time, but he's also an artist.  He’s had gallery shows of his paintings in Baltimore, does spot illustration on demand, and has done children’s books in a very interesting scratchboard style. Recently he began creating in the comics field, although his new works won’t [...]

Now on View: Paul Nicklen at National Geographic Society

Anyone who thinks the quintessential color of the polar regions is white ought to check out the photography of Paul Nicklen. In an exhibit at the National Geographic Society, Nicklen captures a stunning range of blues—ethereal blue ice crystals, clear blue skies, churning ocean water—that are overshadowed only by the even more stunning images of [...]

Tonight in Music: Nas and Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley

It’s OK to be slightly suspicious of Distant Relatives, the upcoming collaboration between rapper Nas and reggae scion Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley—it’s got some potential for preciousness, even if both men know how to bring the grit. Their sincerity, however, is indisputable: The goal is to celebrate the historic links between Afro-Jamaican music and American [...]

Reviewed: Masquerades

My father read me Grimm's Fairy Tales late in my literary development, long after I could sweep through novels with heavier plots on my own. But it gave me comfort to curl up and listen to the implausible tales that sought little more than to entertain and teach the simple lessons of humility and temperance.  The dreams that [...]