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Reviewed: Camilo Jose Vergara and Andrew Moore at the National Building Museum

Twin photographic exhibits at the National Building Museum lay bare Detroit’s web of paradoxical absurdities: so many visitors come from overseas to look at the Motor City’s advanced urban decay that it’s inspired the name “ruin porn”; residents have become so accepting of graffiti that a local alt-weekly regularly declares the city’s “best new tag”; [...]

ToDo ToDay: Sonic Circuits Festival! Photos of Detroit!

The overarching sensibility of the Sonic Circuits Festival Experimental Music Festival is easy to summarize—it celebrates out-there musicians and cutting-edge composers who have solid cred in one way or another—but no two editions of the festival ever seem to be the same. In 2011, the center of gravity was Silver Spring; this year it’s all [...]

Arts Roundup: Rules Are There Ain’t No Rules Edition

Gore Vidal has died. [New York Times]
No Rules Theatre Company is moving to Arlington, where it will be in residence at Signature Theatre [Post]
Robert Redford and Annie Leibovitz drop by Washington Post HQ for a Watergate 40th anniversary photo shoot [Post]
An office building on 18th Street NW gets a Sol LeWitt drawing for its lobby, with [...]

Vitamin A: Kevin Roche’s “Study for a Pillar”

In which one of our art critics highlights a favorite work on view in a local gallery.
Kevin Roche and John Dinkeloo's design for the IBM pavilion at the 1964 New York World's Fair realizes some of architecture's goals beyond basic function. Coupled with a video explaining the process, the designs on paper illustrate the architects' thought [...]

Mini-Golf at the National Building Museum: A Hole-by-Hole Account

Don't play the National Building Museum's architect- and developer-designed miniature golf course this weekend. Or next weekend. Or any weekend. If you're going to check out the museum's 12-hole summer attraction—and you should—just tell your boss your dog ate your grandmother and do it on a weekday. Avoid the line, and bottle any potential frustration [...]

Arts Roundup: Not Unenjoyable Edition

Dominic West doesn't want to tweet about The Wire. That's so rude. That's so...McNulty. [DCist]
Does anyone care about Screen on the Green anymore? For what it's worth, Screen on the Green says yes. [DCist]
Get ready for Adams Morgan Day, coming Sept. 9. [The 42]
National Building Museum minigolf course is not unenjoyable! [DCist]
Taking a tip from [...]

ToDo ToDay: Long Holiday Week Edition!

When I make love, my body contains multitudes, just like Walt Whitman said. My chiseled, Greco-Roman figure thrusts fore and aft like a great earth spirit. Beads of sweat bloom on my Jason Stackhouse-esque abs like morning dew on grass at the Creation. No one—man or woman—can resist the passion with which I make the [...]

Much Dithering at the Building Museum and O Street Studios About Artist Spaces

Last week, I wrote a City Lights pick about a panel being hosted by the National Building Museum to discuss artist and DIY spaces in D.C. I pegged it to the closing of Subterranean A, one of the city’s best-loved DIY spaces.
In retrospect, this was a mistake.
I’ve been to panels at the Building Museum before; [...]

ToDo ToDay: Whither the DIY Space?

Gold Leaf Studios is gone. Subterranean A held its last show this past weekend. Hole in the Sky is on-again, off-again. The fate of O Street Studios is still iffy, but its residents recently staved off the construction of a hostel on the first floor. Artist and DIY spaces lead a precarious life anywhere, but [...]

Arts Roundup: Local Celebrity Edition

Young Jeezy shouldn't hold his breath waiting for an invitation to the White House. [Post]
A critique of the new Hewlett Packard-designed social-media exhibit at the Newseum [DCist]
"Make It Mount Pleasant," a neighborhood craft fair, needs vendors. [The 42]
Phil Kennicott reviews the National Building Museum's new five-year exhibit "House & Home." [Post]
Veep gets a second season [...]