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Reviewed: Cory Oberndorfer and Decoy at Hierarchy

D.C. painter Cory Oberndorfer is the local art world’s Katy Perry: His work is pure pop, and he almost never fails to find a hit with D.C. audiences. An artist who is consistent sometimes to the point of monotony, Oberndorfer's latest show is a surprise—and not in the best of senses. "Pop: Sucker," a new [...]

Pan-Latin to the Future: A Chat With D.C.’s Maracuyeah DJs

The D.C. area has plenty of club DJs spinning popular Latin dance music, and various promoters and clubs bringing in big-name reggaeton, bachata, salsa, and rock en español acts, but Maracuyeah is carving a unique niche. Since March, the D.C. DJ duo has been assembling evenings that feature an eclectic mix of cutting-edge tropical dance [...]