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ToDo ToDay: Happy Chic

Jonathan Adler, a potter whose cheerful pieces have built a design empire since he began selling his work at Barney’s New York in 1993, has reached the point where he can design anything he wants. His massive product catalog now spans ceramics, rugs, textiles, and Cottonelle toilet paper-roll covers. Bright colors and geometric patterns are [...]

Moombahton: Still Very Local!

Moombahton, moombahton, moombahton. I'm not sure I have anything left to say about the ethnomusicologically fascinating, yet-for-all-practical-purposes-kind-of-stoopid, but-still-pretty-danceable homegrown EDM microgenre, other than that it's pretty striking how much it's remained a local presence even though its international ascent really has very little to do with the particulars of D.C. (and a lot to do with [...]

Download Nadastrom’s Free Scion A/V EP

The last time Scion A/V funded an EP by a band with D.C. roots—that'd be grindcore trio Magrudergrind—things got a little messy. I'm guessing EDM fans are a little bit more forgiving toward corporate sponsorship, so D.C. expats Nadastrom have nothing to worry about: The L.A. duo's new El Baile Diabluma EP will cause no [...]

Will Eastman Releases Jack DJ Mix

"We grew up in vastly divergent places, but we all grew up with the disco sound ingrained deeply," says Wisconsin native Will Eastman, one third of local production team Volta Bureau (mentioned on this blog a couple times recently). The trio, which includes Philippines-born Micah Vellian (Miguel Lacsamana) and New York-born Outputmessage (Bernard Farley), kicks off a busy fall schedule [...]

Don’t Be Bored: Assassination Vacation

Rave culture may seem like a product of the ’90s, but massive modern events such as the Electric Daisy Carnival prove young people will always want to get high (on life) and shake what Shiva gave them. The Identity Festival is a traveling rave featuring nearly 30 artists whose main goal is to get this [...]

Moombahton Returns (Again)

Yep, there's another Moombahton Massive party at U Street Music Hall tonight—the third, but it's a little different from the first two. First, Dave Nada—the inventor of the microgenre—won't be headlining under his own name, but as part of his duo Nadastrom. Second, Munchi, the Dutch wunderkind who made his name via Moombahton and has helped [...]

Yeah, About the Wammies…

The Washington Area Music Association announced the nominees for the 25th iteration of its annual awards show last week—news I somehow missed, but which TBD's Sarah Godfrey thankfully brought to my attention today. WAMA members vote for the nominees and winners each year, and, as with all awards shows, they make plenty of weird decisions [...]

“A New Club Opened in DC, Mine Fuhrer, and It Seems All the Cool Raverz Prefer It to the Bunker”

This is a couple of months old, but I just came across this D.C.-minded iteration of the greatest Internet meme ever. Looks like Hitler's a tad upset that none of his underlings invited him to that Nadastrom set at U Street Music Hall. Kudos, YouTube user krinkle909.

Endorsed: All Our Noise’s Very Watchable SXSW Wrap-Up

It's true: This year's South by Southwest feels like it ended 48 months ago. I already briefly pondered the South by Southwest postmortem, which is surely its own codified form by now. It's several weeks later, but the content bomb that All Our Noise just dropped—which includes over a dozen videos the site's Denman C. [...]

Crowdsourced AOL Writers to D.C. Bands at South by Southwest: “Beatles or Stones?”

Spinner, AOL's upstart music Web site, approached this year's South by Southwest festival with Texas-sized ambition: It would interview every band and artist performing there—all 2,000 of them.
And so Spinner put out an APB to writers experienced and un-: Give us an interview, we'll give you $50. Don't worry about being familiar with your subject; [...]