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One Track Mind: Big Hush, “Winner”

Standout Track: “Winner,” a sweetly fuzzed-out rocker from D.C. five-piece Big Hush. A My Bloody Valentine melody shines through the track’s big washes of distorted guitar, and its hiss-shrouded vocal harmonies could have been borrowed from Yo La Tengo. Singer-guitarist and Petworth resident Owen Wuerker, 25, recorded the song on his computer, which explains its [...]

Lotsa Pop Losers Festival: An Oral History

The Lotsa Pop Losers festival was held in Bethesda, Md., and Washington, D.C. on October 26 and 27, 1991. Jointly sponsored by local labels Simple Machines, Teen-Beat, and Slumberland, the event served as a showcase for some of the more pop-oriented indie-rock bands active on the East Coast, pulling together bands from New York, Boston, [...]

Monument Releases More New Old Emo

Seven months after the band released its debut album Goes Canoeing, D.C. new-old-emo act Monument is back at it with a new cassette, Sweatpants Fever. The eight-song effort has four original tunes and four covers, each selected by a different band member. The release's cover even comes with a tongue-in-cheek tease: "Monument plays the hits of [...]

New Psych Tunes From Archie Moore

Need some ambient psychedelia to get your day going? Archie Moore, once of Black Tambourine and Velocity Girl and a bunch of other cool bands, has got you covered. Today he posted a free four-song recording called Chemtrail Surfer on bandcamp that's lush with sonic swirls and harmonically rich feedback. If you really dig the transitions between [...]

Get Your Snowgaze On: Download a New Tennis System Song

Certain types of music were born to soundtrack snowstorms—ambient electronica, Japanese minimalism, most songs by Galaxie 500. And of course: shoegaze.
Of course, making music for a snowstorm and during one are entirely different endeavors. For the former, the goal has to be atmosphere, often in the form of noisy, ethereal soundscapes conjured via a critical [...]