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Music in Review: Hume’s Penumbra, the Local Album We Should’ve Reviewed

With the possible exception of Bluebrain, I'm fairly sure no D.C. band got more coverage from City Paper this year than Hume. And while we certainly didn't ignore the band's LP-length EP from this fall, Penumbra—its tightest cut, "Grip," was featured in a One Track Mind column in May—I think we erred by not reviewing [...]

Arts Roundup: DMV Soul-Searching Edition

Good morning, D.C.!
For a few moments yesterday, the Twitters lit up some with debate over the growth, priorities, and coverage of the city's hip-hop scene. The impetus? 1) Andrew Noz's City Paper Music in Review piece on D.C.'s wealth of very good rappers and paucity of great ones; 2) rapper Head-Roc's rebuttal on Arts Desk; [...]

Head-Roc’s Mouth: No Great DMV MCs? Really??

An occasional feature in which esteemed D.C. rapper Head-Roc shares what’s on his mind.
OK, so I'm looking at the front cover of this past week’s Washington City Paper “2010 Music in Review” edition. Wait, or is it “2010 in Music Review?” I honestly don’t know. It’s a little confusing to me. Still, I get that [...]

The Best New Old Emo of 2010

Volcanoes are emo. So is Gilbert Arenas. Obama is emo, but that's OK, because Andrew Jackson was an emo president, too. Even critically acclaimed NBC comedy Community is emo*.
Emo, as a term, becomes more convoluted with every passing year, now barely containing anything of the dynamic, cathartic post-hardcore sound that erupted out of D.C. in [...]