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Photographer Timothy Hyde and the Art of Darkness

Timothy Hyde, a D.C.-based photographer, has assembled his current exhibition in the dark. Not in the darkroom—literally in the shadows.
Hyde's series “Darkness Visible”—on view at Alexandria’s Multiple Exposures Gallery through Feb. 16—comprises images shot at night.
"In both literature and our collective memory, nighttime is charged with meaning—sometimes the provenance of evil and ignorance, sometimes the [...]

ToDo ToDay: Michael Borek! CSS!

As a teenager in Prague, Michael Borek recalls seeing "a one-armed man in a shabby coat schlepping a tripod and a large-view camera." It was Josef Sudek, a celebrated Czech photographer. Borek bought a book of his images and immediately fell in love. Now, decades later, Borek is mounting an exhibition of works that pay [...]

The Best Photography Exhibits of 2011

Locally, the past year has been a good one for two types of photography—landscape work and documentary. It's also been notable for several smart shows at the American University Museum and Goethe-Institut, but the sad closing of a venerable venue of good photography, Bethesda's Fraser Gallery. Here's my list of the 10 best photographic exhibits in [...]

“I Like a Little Mystery”: A Chat With Photographer Danny Conant

Photographer Danny Conant has lived in the Washington area for more than half a century. In her current show—“Looking Back/Moving Forward,” which is up through August 1 at Alexandria’s Multiple Exposure Gallery—photography is only the starting point, not the destination, as she produces works in which the sense of dreaminess and mystery is heightened by [...]