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DC Jazz Festival: What to See Tonight

It's always a joy to see Ron Carter, the most recorded bassist in jazz history and surely the greatest one living. That's why, anytime he plays D.C., he will always be one of my picks. But under the current circumstances, it's significant, perhaps overshadowing, that he brings his Golden Striker Trio. The original incarnation of [...]

Jazz Setlist, February 23-29: Piano/Bass/Drums

Thursday, Feb. 23
As beautiful as the Coltrane-derived tradition of "spiritual jazz" is—and as much as this writer loves and values it—it hasn't often had the transcendent, moving-to-a-higher-plane effect that its admirers often give it credit for. John Coltrane, Billy Harper, Pharoah Sanders all move me, inspire me, challenge me; they don't offer me spiritual enlightenment. [...]

Jazz Setlist, May 19-25: Ron’s Back

If, by chance, you're not going to the Mary Lou Williams Women in Jazz Festival this weekend, well that's just crazy talk there's plenty of other great music to keep you on your toes:
Thursday, May 19
Some observers will tell you they can't understand why the younger generation isn't chomping at the bit to completely ditch [...]

Jazz Setlist (Supplemental): The Mid-Atlantic Jazz Festival

The former East Coast Jazz Festival returns this weekend as the Mid-Atlantic Jazz Festival, under the stewardship of DC saxophonist, educator, and mentor Paul Carr. Held at the Hilton Rockville — the ECJF's longtime home base — the festival features a gallimaufry of performances, master classes, and live interviews, with a couple of film screenings [...]