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Much Ado About Nothing Goes 1950s Vegas at Synetic Theater

Sequined bras, showgirls, and strip poker, anyone?

ToDo ToDay: Art Bingo! Shakespeare Theatre’s “Free for All” Begins!

With its Hothouse Happy Hour series, the Washington Project for the Arts has been looking for ways to spice up the after-work hours. Its latest initiative: this week’s art bingo night. If a normal bingo game requires no skill except good hearing and a solid attention span, this game will reward those well-versed in contemporary [...]

Arts Roundup: Renewed Contracts For Arena Leadership

Validation: Arena Stage's Board of Trustees has announced that artistic director Molly Smith and managing director Edgar Dobie will stay on at least another five years. Smith will maintain her title; Dobie will assume the role of executive producer. Board chair David E. Shiffrin says, "It is clear to all of us on the Board [...]

Shakespeare Theatre Company’s Undercooked “Frijoles” Joke

Classical theater companies do plenty of things to update their Shakespeare. They edit it. They collide it. And most frequently: They simply change the time and setting.
For its current production of Much Ado About Nothing, Shakespeare Theatre Company transplanted the comedy to a Cuban sugar plantation circa 1930, and in so doing it renamed two of the [...]

The Riot Grrrls Shakespeare Production of Much Ado About Nothing, Reviewed

Much Ado About Nothing is one of William Shakespeare’s few comedies to eschew the trope of having a woman spend most of the show disguised as a dude, and its plot hinges entirely on the willingness of two supposedly honorable men to discount the word of a woman they claim to love. So there’s something [...]