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In Georgetown, Artist chukwumaa Mistaken for Navy Yard Shooter

On Monday afternoon, about two hours after Aaron Alexis allegedly began his shooting rampage at the Navy Yard in Southeast D.C., performance artist Wilmer Wilson IV was just beginning an hours-long walk from Ward 7's Marvin Gaye Park to the Georgetown waterfront. For the walk, Wilson brought a ladder, alternating between holding it and carrying it [...]

Death of a Party: The Warehouse Loft Comes to an Ugly End

Any Detroit techno fan who showed up at the Warehouse Loft last Saturday night walked away disappointed. Up until two and a half weeks ago, the minimalist house producer Omar-S had been scheduled to spin at the unmarked venue at 411 New York Ave. NE—a space that opened four and a half years ago with an [...]

DCRA Finalizes Rules Exempting Used and Vintage Stores From Secondhand Business License

Good news for the Adams Morgan and 14th Street NW businesses that got a rude visit earlier this year from District regulators—as well as every store in D.C. that sells used or vintage media, furniture, clothing, and other goods: The District's Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs has published its final new regulations simplifying the [...]

DCRA Lightens Up on Record, Used Book, and Vintage Shops

The local stores that were busted last week for having the wrong class of business license got some decent-to-good news today: While record stores with some used inventory, used book stores, and vintage and antique shops do have to obtain a secondhand business license—as opposed to the less restrictive general business license—they'll have more than [...]

Why Is the District Busting Record Stores and Vintage Shops?

Should stores that sell records, vintage clothes, and used books be regulated in a manner similar to pawn shops? The District code seems to say so—which is what some small-shop owners found out, rather unpleasantly, earlier this week.
On Wednesday, an inspector from the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs and a detective from the Metropolitan [...]