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A Dirty Half-Dozen Reasons Why I Upon Some Reflection Deemed the Experience of Seeing This Possibly Badass Movie in the Cinema to Be, How You Say, Expendable

But The Expendables should have had me. I have never for one second stopped loving the 80s action flicks I first encountered on the subject-to-deterioration via overuse VHS format, or in those happy instances of lax MPAA ratings enforcement, the cinema. And the premise of The Expendables — a Dirty Dozen-type reunion tour/suicide mission by a team of dudes who in better times headlined action flicks all on their own — is unquestionably awesome.

So why couldn’t I commit?

I am so glad you asked.

Preview: “Telling Stories: Norman Rockwell from the Collections of George Lucas and Steven Spielberg”

Steven Spielberg and George Lucas created some of our most beloved cinematic memories (Indiana Jones, Star Wars) and then destroyed them  (Jar Jar Binks, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull). Now these Hollywood behemoths are teaming up again to curate "Telling Stories: Norman Rockwell from the Collections of George Lucas and Steven [...]

Once in Doubt, Screen on the Green Set to Return for Summer

After months of doubt and a grass-roots campaign to save the outdoor movie festival, Screen on the Green will officially return this summer, the Washington Post reports. The status of the festival has been in doubt for the last year due to funding issues. Screen on the Green is back this summer as the result [...]

NoMa Summer Screen Starts Tonight

The third annual NoMa Summer Screen is back tonight, offering moviegoers the chance to see old favorites in the ambient setting of the great outdoors. The theme of this year's offerings is The Future Is Now, so expect to see films with sci-fi or supernatural elements: Tonight's movie is Spaceballs, and future selections include Back to [...]