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After Assault, Friends Rally to Help General Enthusiast Pat Walsh

On June 22, D.C. resident and self-proclaimed "general enthusiast" Pat Walsh was walking back to his house in Mount Pleasant. It was about 1 a.m., and Walsh had been out late celebrating his birthday with a friend. Just as he was about to reach his house at 19th and Monroe streets NW, "some dudes ran up [...]

In Mount Pleasant, Halloween is a Drag on Hobart Street

Every Halloween night for the past seven years, Tom Burkhardt, 61, and his partner, Steven Dunn, 55, with the help and participation of fellow Hobart Street residents in Mount Pleasant, have put on a drag show on the porch roof of their row house. Kids and adults alike gather in the street to watch the 7 [...]

Fiesta D.C. Fence Mystery: Solved!

As I noted in my roundup this morning, I had a great time at yesterday's Fiesta D.C. Latino street festival in Mount Pleasant—I didn't eat any food, which was a shame, but I enjoyed the parade and feel bad for thinking about it mostly in indie-rock analogies. I noticed something weird, though, which was that [...]

For the Warm and Fuzzies, Knit Happens

It’s not hard to find the graffiti artists who call themselves the Warm and Fuzzies once they give you the general location of their Mount Pleasant basement apartment. It’s the one with knitted streamers hanging from the barred door, and once you’re inside, there’s yarn waiting to be knitted or crocheted everywhere you look. I [...]

Mount Pleasant the Band Vs. Mount Pleasant the Neighborhood

Mount Pleasant isn't...just a location.
A recent post on Altered Zones featured a New Zealand group sporting the same name as one of D.C.'s most charming neighborhoods. The band's acoustic cover of Roy Orbison's "In Dreams"—spacey and droney with high-pitched vocals—is what caught the attention of the Pitchfork sister site, which focuses on "leftfield pop, experimental, and [...]

Head-Roc’s Mouth: Frankojazz

I first met brother Franko at a Tip the Band event featuring my band Godisheus last spring. But I had no clue then that Franko, who leads the group Frankojazz, is a champion-warrior arts advocate in the battle to preserve the playing of live music in Mount Pleasant.
Over the last 20 years or so, the [...]