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ToDo ToDay: Dave Zirin, My Gold Mask, and David Sedaris

By now, the eyes of most sports fans have turned to Brazil and the World Cup that kicks off in Sao Paulo on June 12. But while viewers look forward to seeing the world’s greatest soccer players pitted against one another, Brazilians have been protesting the billions of dollars that have been poured into stadium [...]

ToDo ToDay: Spirit Animal, Brazilian Girls, and Ted’s Bulletin in Virginia

We're living in the "Age of Advice," according to a 2012 track by Spirit Animal, an electronicish rock band of DMV origins now based in New York. The group—which is all over the place, genre-wise—writes lyrics that examine cultural absurdities, among other things. Tonight, expect those observations baked into thick slabs of shred-and-crunch guitar. Read [...]

Living in Synth: A Flowchart (and Playlist!) for D.C.’s Electronic-Pop Scene

Guitars clang on in Washington, D.C. But they could soon be tied with synthesizers, computers, and weird sound effects.
The District has never lacked for synth-based music, but the last few years have felt like an especially fertile time for synthpop in particular; now we’ve reached the point where there seems to be one local synth- [...]

ToDo ToDay: Wiz Khalifa, Paperhaus, Screen Vinyl Image

If you’re planning to attend the Under the Influence of Music tour at Jiffy Lube Live, prepare to be met with a cloud of smoke. That’s to be expected from headliners Wiz Khalifa and A$AP Rocky, who have been known to drop a weed reference or 12 on their tracks. Also worth rolling a joint [...]