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ToDo ToDay: Diane Birch, Pree, and Wild Photos

Pair your $20 three-course dinner with folk rock tonight.

ToDo ToDay: Nancy and Beth! Beautiful Swimmers! Holly Bass!

People know Megan Mullally can do bawdy humor but it’s her weird, subtle comedy that makes you laugh and say “WTF” at the same time. Her new musical duo, Nancy and Beth, falls into the latter category. Along with actress Stephanie Hunt, the two perform a combination of ’70s folk songs, original compositions, and situational humor [...]

George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic @ 9:30 Club

Dr. Funkenstein. The Godfather of Funk. The cool ghoul with the funk transplant. Whatever name you know George Clinton by, when he and the massive collective that makes up Parliment Funkadelic come to town, especially to Washington, D.C., "One Nation Under a Groove" takes on a higher meaning. And on Tuesday, the 71-year-old Clinton and [...]

Arts Roundup: Intergalactic Acquisition Edition

The Mothership Has Landed: Well, a mothership has landed. Chris Richards reports that the Smithsonian's National Museum of African American History and Culture, set to open in 2015, has acquired the prop space ship that Parliament-Funkadelic used in its live shows. This isn't the original mothership, which was dumped in a Prince Georges County scrap [...]