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Jazz Setlist, Aug. 30-Sept. 5: Go Down, Mose

Thursday, Aug. 30
"Mose Allison," I wrote about a year ago, "is exactly the kind of guy the Pixies would write one of their most joyful songs about ... Onstage, he’s clearly delighted to once again sit behind the keys, and every note sounds with grace and aplomb as he finds new ways to attack 75-year-old [...]

Jazz Setlist, January 5-11: Requiem for a Record Store

Honestly, folks, the best thing jazz fans can do this week is help the good people at Melody Records unload their inventory so they can walk away from their venerable store with something to show for it. Even when the city was flush with record retailers, Melody was far and away the best for jazz, [...]

Jazz Setlist, September 1-7: Labor Day Swings

Thursday, September 1
If you know your D.C. jazz, you almost certainly know pianist Amy K. Bormet. She's the backbone of the Bohemian Caverns Jazz Orchestra; the architect of this year's inaugural Washington Women In Jazz Festival; a favorite accompanist for a variety of leaders, bands, and styles; a surprisingly accomplished singer; and one of the [...]

Don’t Be Bored: Uncross Those Arms

Mose Allison is exactly the kind of guy the Pixies would write one of their most joyful songs about. Musically, though, the Mississippi Delta–born octogenarian is as far from guitar-drenched alt-rock as you can get: He’s a pianist and singer who plays a jazz-blues hybrid with effortless swing and a sly, clear vocal groan. But [...]

Jazz Setlist, Jan. 7-13: Mose Allison, Erik Deutsch, and More

Jan. 7
If age is one of Mose Allison’s lyrical preoccupations, it’s also one of his distinctions. The 80-year-old singer/pianist was born in Mississippi at a time when jazz and blues were more or less interchangeable—and in his music, they still are, along with R&B and even postwar pop crooning. Though Allison says his genre-blurring [...]

Mose Allison: A Weekend at Blues Alley

"I'm a certified senior citizen/Got Florida on my mind/I won't even mess/With checkers or chess/Just take me to the place where they bump 'n' grind...."
Though not characterized by the bump 'n' grind, Sunday's 10 p.m. show at Blues Alley drew a rapt and well-dressed crowd of LP nerds, precocious twenty-somethings, and couples in search of [...]

Weekend Picks: Tittsworth, Relay, Chuck Brown’s Birthday, Mose Allison


Though five seasons of The Wire exposed the masses to many aspects of Baltimoriana, there are a few things the show failed to properly address—crab chips, Natty Boh, and Baltimore club music among them. Luckily, B-more club doesn’t need David Simon to speak to its ubiquity and versatility when it’s got Tittsworth. The D.C. native, [...]