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Arts Roundup: A Valentine for ASCAP Edition

House of Cards, now darker than ever. [Post]
Pitchfork does not love the new album from Lo-Fang (aka ex-D.C. musician Matthew Hemerlein). [Pitchfork]
Somebody loooooooves ASCAP. [NPR]
Morrissey will skip D.C. on his next tour. [Pitchfork]
An interview with NPR's Bob Boilen [D.C. Music Download]
DJ Heat named DJ of the year at the Fab Awards. [WPGC]
Then she made a playlist for [...]

Bummer: Morrissey Cancels North American Tour Dates, Including D.C.

Remember when we lauded Morrissey's April 5 show for its potential to help reinvigorate the National Theatre? That show is now canceled and our dreams have shriveled up and died.
Sent Saturday morning, this press release totally ruined brunch:
NEW YORK – March 16, 2013 – The remaining dates of the Morrissey U.S. North American tour have officially [...]

I.M.P. Brings Morrissey to National Theatre April 5

Update March 17: This show has been canceled.
Yesterday morning, I received a press release that probably would not have existed last year. Or ever. The subject line read: "I.M.P. PRESENTS MORRISSEY AT THE NATIONAL THEATRE."
Yes, yes, I know, Moz just played Strathmore back in January. But this is still pretty big news—for National Theatre as well as [...]

Photos: Morrissey @ Strathmore Music Center

The Moz. The Godfather of Brit-Pop. The Pope of Mope. Morrissey's the kind of guy who inspires some pretty strong feelings—and they're not always positive. But to many in the capacity crowd at Strathmore Music Center last night, it was like they were standing at some sacred altar.
Fans handed him gifts. Hands reached out to touch him [...]

I.M.P. Productions Asked BYT to Change Its Morrissey Contest Language

Yesterday, BYT replaced its mock-suicide-note-for-Morrissey-tickets contest with a Mad-Libs-for-Morrissey-tickets contest. The change was made after I.M.P. Productions, which is presenting the concert, asked BYT to pull the contest.
I.M.P. spokesperson Audrey Schaefer writes in an email, "The first time we saw the contest was when it was posted. We asked them to pull it and [...]

BYT Replaces Suicide-Note Ticket Giveaway With a Login Screen

BYT, it of the suicide-note competition, realized that not everyone finds killing oneself "cute" and backpedaled on its free-ticket prompt. Instead of asking readers to comment with a mock suicide note to win tickets to Morrissey's Dec. 7 show at Strathmore, the site changed its prompt.
I asked managing editor Logan Donaldson why BYT changed the [...]

That Joke Isn’t Funny Anymore: BYT Asks Morrissey Fans to Write Suicide Notes

Yeah, sure, one of the greatest songs ever—"There Is a Light That Never Goes Out"—is by Morrissey, and is about dying. And Moz is performing at Strathmore on Dec. 7. I'm not sure what the correct convergence of these facts is, but I'm absolutely certain it is not to host a giveaway declaring that the [...]

Free Download: Exit Clov Covers Morrissey for Record Store Day

Undoubtedly, the D.C. independent record store has made something of a resurgence in recent years—even if conventional logic tells us that those brick-and-mortar shops are ultimately doomed. (Although there's some recent evidence that they may not be.)
So it's a bummer that for Record Store Day on April 17, some of D.C.'s indie labels have no [...]

Judging a Disc by Its Cover: Morrissey

The band (or, in this case, the Man): Morrissey
The Album: Years of Refusal

[Ed. note: Here at Judging a Disc, we know we're treading on thin ice by going after the greatest, most loved punk-turned-singer-songwriter of all time (Jesus, you people love your Fucking Morrissey), but we can't let that stop us. Read on–if you dare.]

Leakproof: Franz Ferdinand, Flying Lotus, etc.

In this recurring weekly–and hopefully soon to be renamed–feature we'll round up leaked songs, new singles, and other musical detritus of all genres as it surfaces on the web. Anyway, let's get on with it.
Franz Ferdinand: "Ulysses"
"Come on, let's get high," sings Alex Kapranos on the lead single from Franz Ferdinand's forthcoming album Tonight, but [...]