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Transcendence Raises Important Questions, But Fails to Think Them Through

Hiding somewhere between the awful dialogue, cardboard performances, and lackluster visual landscape of Transcendence is a noble but failed attempt to seriously grapple with some of the most important questions of our time: How do we classify the current nature of man’s relationship to technology? Where is it headed? And most importantly, how are we [...]

Oblivion, Reviewed

The post-apocalypse, for all its downsides, looks spectacular in IMAX. The scorched but luminous earth of Joseph Kosinski’s Oblivion feels somehow closer to heaven than our own—a dystopia of striking beauty, shot by cinematographer Claudio Miranda but designed by the director himself, a Columbia-trained architect specializing in 3D modeling. This would all be pleasant backdrop, [...]

Olympus Has Fallen, Reviewed

Notions of American exceptionalism don’t just win elections—they also represent Hollywood gold. Take Argo, sweeper of Oscars, with its honest Americans seeking to navigate hordes of brown people, or even Air Force One in which Harrison Ford (ever able to make the dumb catchphrase pop) tells Gary Oldman’s Central Asian terrorist to “get off my [...]