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Arts Roundup: Long Weekend Edition

The Washington Monument lights up tonight. [Post]
Book of Mormon lands at the Kennedy Center this week, and Nelson Pressley tries to explain why the musical from the creators of South Park is so broadly popular. (Tickets for the KenCen run are almost completely sold out.) [Post]
If you wanna party with Folklife performers, head to the [...]

Arts Roundup: Moombahton Is Still Here Edition

Spin awards moombah compilation Moombahton Forever an 8 out of 10 [Spin]
Speakeasy DC's first short-story collection to be released on Valentine's Day [Twitter]
Bethesda Barnes & Noble not going anywhere [Washington Business Journal]
DCist's list of the best up-and-coming bands in D.C. [DCist]

City Paper Critics’ Poll: Favorite Moments In Local Music

For the 2012 City Paper Critics' Poll, we asked local critics, bloggers, and fans to tell us about their favorite moments in local music this year. This post has been updated to include input from Reese Higgins and's Metal Chris.
Packed into the Ethiopian joint Asefu’s in July and riled up by an all-too-brief set [...]

Arts Roundup: Funky Edition

Kathleen Turner coming to Arena Stage [Post]
Shakespeare Theatre director Michael Kahn talks failure and how he came to love the ol' Bard [Washingtonian]
Local DJ Jerome Baker III remixes Dam-Funk [Soundcloud]
Scion A/V releases its own Moombahton comp [Nouveau Riche]
Steve Jobs patents to be displayed at the S. Dillon Ripley Center [Post]
WaPo's staff is reportedly suffering from [...]

Don’t Be Bored: Foreign Policy and Noodles

George Kennan was the father of cold war foreign policy. Which isn’t to say that the author of the famous “long telegram”—which argued against postwar chumminess and in favor of containment as a basis of U.S. strategy—was always a proud papa. As containment became the rationale for an arms race, third-world proxy wars, and American [...]

Moombahton: Still Very Local!

Moombahton, moombahton, moombahton. I'm not sure I have anything left to say about the ethnomusicologically fascinating, yet-for-all-practical-purposes-kind-of-stoopid, but-still-pretty-danceable homegrown EDM microgenre, other than that it's pretty striking how much it's remained a local presence even though its international ascent really has very little to do with the particulars of D.C. (and a lot to do with [...]

Jon Kwest Makes Moombahton for MLK Day

Moombahton is the "We can pickle that!" of Washington, D.C. Anything can be moombahtoned. Like the "The Macarena." And now, Martin Luther King Jr. Day.
Jon Kwest, one of many local purveyors of the homegrown EDM sound, dropped this edit this morning. "Drum Major" has a shuffling, martial beat, some '70s-sounding soul guitar, and audio from King's [...]

Read Our Annotated Guide to 2011!

There's no arts section to recap this week. For our Dec. 23 issue—on stands today!—the Washington City Paper staff took a look back on the year that was. No surprise, then, that a good chunk of our Annotated Guide to 2011 is devoted to the arts. Pick up a copy! Or read it online. Either [...]

Mad Decent Releases Digital Moombahton Remixes EP

Diplo's Mad Decent label has come out with another moombahton release, Moombahton Remixes, but this one is a digital-only EP available exclusively through Legitmix.
The EP includes moombahton mixes of some intimidatingly high-profile material: Michael Jackson's "Thriller," Adele's "Set Fire to the Rain," Jay-Z and Kanye West's [...]

Don’t Be Bored: Totally Liszt-Less

It’s hard to argue with food writer Michael Pollan’s most famous directive: “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.” Those first seven words of a 2007 New York Times Magazine essay helped make Pollan America’s leading culinary intellectual. The instructions were to be a simple answer to the complicated question of what to eat. But [...]