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ToDo ToDay: Rodriguez at Sixth & I

Until recently, Sixto “Sugar Man” Rodriguez, a folk singer from Detroit, remained unknown to most Americans. But now, Rodriguez and his 1970 album Cold Fact are finally getting a little shine in this hemisphere, thanks to the documentary Searching for Sugar Man, which explains how his politically charged, anti-establishment music became the soundtrack of the 1970s for [...]

ToDo ToDay: Pink Ribbons, Inc., Photographs of Kingston

Despite its close scrutiny of the breast cancer movement, Pink Ribbons, Inc. isn’t as caustic or alarmist as it could have been. The documentary’s central message—that Komen, Avon, and other groups are all wrong in approaching the cause with an emphasis on comfort and good cheer—easily could’ve been presented as an emotional screed. But instead, Léa [...]

How All Our Noise Became One of D.C.’s Best Music Blogs

At first, Victor Alejándro Aguilar and Raul Zahir De Leon didn't mean for All Our Noise to take on its own life. "We had this DJ night we were trying to promote," says De Leon. "We had this idea we would have this blog mostly to promote this night." Their Marquis party at Napoleon may not [...]

Is This Show Poster Racist?

I'm pleased as punch that Windian Records is celebrating its third year next month—as any local fan of garage and scuzzy punk rock should be. But I did a double take when I saw the poster for the shows, which take place April 6 and 7 at Montserrat House: Is that a Native American? With [...]

Arts Roundup: Gallery? Edition

More Than Styrofoam Cups and Cheese Cubes: WaPo's Weekend section surveys the semi-recent crop of gallery spaces that, um, do other stuff, too. Lavanya Ramanathan and Stephanie Merry write, "In the case of new art spaces around town, a gallery might also be a concert hall and clothing store, a pulsing dance floor or peaceful [...]

Don’t Be Bored: Noisy, Gutless, Absurd

Tonight's big show is Jay-Z and Kanye West at the Verizon Center. They're touring in support of Watch the Throne, their collaborative album from earlier this year, about which WCP contributer Ramon Ramirez was not totally jazzed:
Watch the Throne is often noisy, gutless, and absurd: like every time a limping Jay-Z grabs the mic and raps about [...]