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ToDo ToDay: George Pelecanos’ D.C.

Sure, he strays from time to time—up to Baltimore to write and produce The Wire, or down to New Orleans to do the same for Treme—but eventually, George Pelecanos always returns to D.C. in his fiction. In last summer’s novel The Cut, Pelecanos sets a tale of crime and vengeance as grisly as he’s ever written against the [...]

The Make-Up Is Reuniting in May

The Make-Up, the D.C. post-punk/"gospel yeh-yeh" outfit led by Ian Svenonius, is reuniting this spring for I'll Be Your Mirror, a three-day event put on by the All Tomorrows Parties festival series. The shows, guest-curated by Mogwai, run May 25-27 at the Alexandra Palace in London, U.K., and also feature Codeine, Melvins, Dirty Three, and at [...]

The Pragmatist: Three Songs for Taking Over Congress

Some people gripe about the government all day and night; other people lead revolutions. I suppose you can only live in a district without statehood for so long before you get deeply fed up with the fact that a national movement called the "Tea Party" is doing nothing to address your taxation without representation. The [...]