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Arts Roundup: Rabbit Hole Edition

*Nobody seems to be able to get through a review of Alice in Wonderland without invoking a rabbit-hole metaphor. The Washington Post's Ann Hornaday likes it, though.
*The Washington Post's Monica Hesse profiles Cruella DeVille. Wait, I'm sorry, that's bestselling romance writer Danielle Steele. Apparently she has a pretty great sense of humor.
*The battle over the [...]

James Mercer: Star of the Silver Screen!

NME reports that the Shins frontman is set to star in a feature-length film titled Some Days Are Better Than Others. Director Matt McCormick says the film's all about "lonely people trying to create their own abstract forms of communication." Sounds pretty heavy. It's slated for release in August 2009.
Over at MOG, Charley [...]