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The Pragmatist: Three Songs for Holding Hands the First Time

The mixtape was created for this: picking just the right song to gently stir a girl or boy's heart toward romance. It's an old, time-honored tradition, and whether it's on a cassette or an iTunes playlist, the mixtape will long remain a classy way to get that special someone to hold your hand. It's a [...]

Download: Cornel West Theory’s In Her Hands: Embryo Capital Vol. 1 Mixtape

D.C.-based politically and socially conscious hip-hop band The Cornel West Theory dropped its latest mixtape this morning. The group released its debut album, Second Rome, last year, and and its namesake, the public intellectual and Princeton African American Studies professor Cornel West, to appear on a few tracks.
In Her Hands: Embryo Capital Vol. 1 has a [...]

If It Costs $5, Is It Still a Mixtape?

A semantic question: At some point, I'm fairly sure all these Raheem DeVaughn mixtapes were free. Now they cost $5. So aren't they just compilations now? Can a mixtape stop being a mixtape? Is it OK to charge for something conceived as a promotional tool? Is it smart? Is it pointless?

Local #MusicMonday: New Songs from Casper Bangs, D.C. Don Juan

End your Monday with music from two guys who probably look at themselves in the mirror a lot: Well-dressed indie-popper Casper Bangs, and D.C. Don Juan, whom you probably know through his ode to self-love, "Lookie Looky."
Casper Bangs, the latest project of the Hard Tomorrows' Rob Pierangeli, dropped a new Spirit Animal remix of "Always [...]

New Mixtape: Raheem DeVaughn’s Mr. February aka March Madness

D.C. neo-soul crooner Raheem DeVaughn dropped a new mixtape, Mr. February aka March Madness, last night in advance of his upcoming album, The Love and War Masterpeace—which, to clarify, is out in early March, and not February. The mixtape sports a number of mixes and guest spots you've probably heard, like a remix of Wale's [...]

City Paper Cover Inspires Mixtape

Looks like Dave Nuttycombe wasn't the only DJ inspired by the cover of last week's City Paper.
DJ Torkaveli claims to produce "the most controversial mixtape series in the Washington D.C. area," so it makes sense that he'd take inspiration from the now infamous issue.
The work features the Marion Barry voicemail clips interspersed with "some new [...]

Sockets Spring Mixtape

Sockets, the local record label that has released works by Hume, Little Women, and Extra Life (and, in the interest of full disclosure, myself, albeit a while back), recently posted a Spring mixtape on its freshly redesigned website.
All sorts of good stuff here, most of surprisingly melodious, from Nick Rivetti (aka Ricky Rabbit of [...]

Free the Mixtape

While the recording industry is busy lamenting the death of their business model at the hands of the Internet, a number of local hip-hop artists have found a way turn this market threat into an opportunity. Free download mixtapes (which are neither mixed nor on tape, discuss...) have been catapulting artists such as Wale, Ra [...]