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ToDo ToDay: Pajama Men! Adams Morgan Pho!

When it comes to physical humor, it’s hard to upstage the Brits on their own turf. They’ve made pratfalls and spit-takes their comedic bread and butter since the days of John Cleese’s silly walks. But that’s exactly what the Pajama Men—Shenoah Allen and Mark Chavez—have been doing for the past several years. They were named [...]

JuiceheaD and Osaka Popstar Unnecessarily Cover “Waiting Room”

Count among the special releases for Record Store Day a cover of Fugazi's "Waiting Room" by Misfits Records artist JuiceheaD and Osaka Popstar (known properly as filmmaker and onetime Misfits collaborator John Cafiero).
From the press release: "'I reached out to Dischord (Fugazi’s label) about covering the song and eventually had the pleasure of speaking [...]

Dead Man’s Bones

Turns out, this October holds yet another treat for fans of ghoul-centric jams. On Oct. 6, Anti- will release Dead Man's Bones, the eponymous debut album of Oscar-nominated hottie Ryan Gosling and his BFF Zach Shields. (via P4K) On the album's cover (above), Shields is on the left, Gosling the right, and the costumed Silverlake [...]

Misfits @ Jaxx October 25

Punk leftovers-cum-merchandising powerhouse the Misfits have announced a fall tour, stopping at Jaxx Sunday, Oct. 25. It's not quite Halloween, but close enough.
The Jersey-bred musclemen/metal punks emerged in 1977, developed a crude catalog of '50s B-movie themes banged out and recorded with even less tact,  and, technically, disbanded by 1983 (when head howler Glenn Danzig [...]