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Our 10 Favorite Tweets from the “Ian MacKaye” Twitter Account

For those of you who are waiting for Ian MacKaye to join Twitter, it's never going to happen. But at least you can follow ♥ ~*iAn_mAckaYe*~ ♥, a not quite official account re-imagining our revered punk statesman as a 13-year-old girl. Inside jokes for harDCore fans abound, along the lines of @JadedPunkHulk, only less angry [...]

When D.C. Hardcore Went Country

Long before The Dirty Projectors covered Black Flag, local musician Dan Doggett found another creative way to rethink classic punk rock. While hanging out with his college buddies in 2006, he thought it'd be funny to sing the lyrics to Minor Threat's "Straight Edge" with a goofy southern accent. His friends loved it, and suggested [...]

Does D.C. Need Another Punk-Rock Documentary? Maybe.

No genre of music gets the documentary treatment more than punk rock. The seminal film Instrument followed Fugazi around for five years. This year's Bad Brains: A Band in D.C., which screened at the SilverDocs festival, did the same for HR and the rest of the guys. American Hardcore was more like a survey of punk, visiting different scenes [...]

Someone Make This Happen: Minor Treat Ice-Cream Truck

Are you listening, food-truck entrepreneurs?
Guy Picciotto's ice cream-eating motherfucker screed, immortalized in the Fugazi documentary Instrument, gets trucked. (Don't gather your loose change just yet: It's a Photoshop job.) Courtesy Edit design firm partner Brian Miller, who knows Picciotto was not in Minor Threat, but couldn't resist the pun.

Sweating to the (Punk Rock) Oldies at Ian MacKaye’s 50th Birthday

So, what'd you miss at local punk godfather Ian MacKaye's super secret 50th birthday party at St. Stephen's? WTOP's Neal Augenstein has an anonymously sourced report (and some pictures to boot):
The party was thrown Saturday night by Amy Farina—MacKaye's wife and bandmate in The Evens, and Jeff Nelson—MacKaye's former bandmate in Minor Threat and co-owner of [...]

Ian MacKaye Is 50

I don't think I'm going to top this zinger from @JADEDPUNKHULK: "NOW THAT IAN MACKAYE TURN 50, HE START GETTING AARP FANZINE."
Wait, wait, I got one: Now that Ian MacKaye is 50, maybe he'll get cranky?
Kidding! Somehow, I don't think MacKaye's friends are gathering tonight for an epic roast.
You can probably glean lots of aging-punk [...]

Yes, HBO Played a Minor Threat Song on Entourage

Punk forums and Twitter went aflutter Sunday night when the Minor Threat song "Minor Threat" was played on HBO's Entourage. Given that big companies have a history of using Dischord stuff without permission, some assumed it went down like the Great Nike Copyright Infringement of 2005, or the Forever 21 T-shirt, or the Fox assholery [...]

Fort Reno’s Oral History: Go-go Ban(ds)

For this week's issue, I reported a lengthy oral history of the annual concert series at Fort Reno in Tenleytown. This summer's shows conclude tonight with sets from The Evens and Laughing Man.
For years, Fort Reno regulars have circulated rumors of a ban against go-go (and even hip-hop) at Fort Reno. Certainly, no one seems to [...]

Don’t Get Nostalgic: Mark Andersen on the 30th Anniversary of the Wilson Center

Would you believe a 30th anniversary concert organized by D.C.’s punk historian in the world’s most historically self-obsessed rock scene is not about nostalgia? That’s what Mark Andersen of Positive Force wants you to believe. In an interview with Arts Desk, he discussed the legacy of the Wilson Center, D.C.’s longtime punk institution, and the future [...]

Mouthbreathers’ Minor Threat Tribute: HarDCore, With 100 Percent More Bong

On Monday, Brooklyn indie site Impose Magazine wrote up a little piece about a new band from Lawrence, Kan., that evokes the brightest days of the D.C. hardcore scene. "Anxiety," a fuzz-filled jam by newbie quartet Mouthbreathers, is actually a little more reminiscent of the early '80s West Coast hardcore sound, but the cover art [...]