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Meet a Local Cartoonist: A Pre-Small Press Expo Chat with Michael Wenthe

Pardon me while I lift Michael Wenthe's biography directly from Georgetown Day School's website. He's about to start teaching there, including a class on comics:
Michael has worked as an assistant professor and instructor, respectively, at American University and Yale University where he taught everything from modern American literature to The Canterbury Tales. A Rhodes Scholar, Michael earned [...]

Meet a Local Cartooning Couple: A Chat With Liz and Jimmy Reed

You may have spotted Liz and Jimmy Reed at the first Awesome Con in D.C. this spring. Together, the married couple cartoons about food in a variety of media, including webcomics, minicomics, and sculptural dioramas. Arts Desk spoke to the duo, who answered our questions as a single human unit.
Washington City Paper: What type of comic work or [...]

Meet a Local Cartoonist: A Chat With Josh Kramer

Josh Kramer does cartoon journalism in minicomic form. His "A Day in the Life of a Milk and Cookies Food Truck: What's it like being Captain Cookie?" appeared in Washington City Paper this spring. Kramer is launching the latest issue of his Cartoon Picayune comic Friday with an open house, and took some time to [...]

Meet a Local Cartoonist: A Chat with Rachel Scheer

One More Page bookstore in Arlington had a notice in its most recent newsletter: "Local writer and collector Rachel Scheer leads a dynamic discussion about the autobiographical comics genre. Guests are invited to participate in a question-and-answer session and a brief drawing and writing activity." The event happens Thursday at 7 p.m. I hadn't [...]

Meet a Local Illustrator: A Chat With Mark Burrier

Mark Burrier is an illustrator, cartoonist, and skateboard painter whose illustration work appears in the Washington Post’s editorial pages. His cartoon works are mostly minicomics, which he often self-publishes, and at least one's been nominated for an award at the Small Press Expo. He also does advertising work using comics. Burrier had a table at the [...]

Meet an SPX Cartoonist: A Chat With Colleen Frakes

Colleen Frakes is a cartoonist who is completely new to me, embarrassingly enough, so here's her biographical information lifted directly from her website: "Colleen Frakes makes comics and works in a library. She was a member of the inaugural class of the Center for Cartoon Studies, and was awarded a Xeric Grant to publisher her [...]

Meet An SPX Cartoonist: A Chat With Darryl Ayo

Darryl Ayo does minicomics and webcomics. He's a 29 year-old-office worker based in Brooklyn, N.Y.

Washington City Paper: What type of comic work or cartooning do you do?
Darryl Ayo: Generally, I make minicomics as well as computer-born comics. Short stories and dreamlike vignettes about supernatural beings.
WCP: What work are you best-known for?
DA: My best work is [...]

Meet a Local Cartoonist: A Chat With Liz Suburbia

Liz Suburbia's got an introduction on her website that's hard to improve on: "My name is Liz and I make comics. I used to not swear but now I don't shave my armpits and like givin’ the stink eye. I live in Fairfax, VA, work at a comic book store and live with my husband [...]

Meet a Former Local Cartoonist: A Chat With Josh Eiserike

Recently, I was organizing some of my Washington, D.C.-produced comics and ran across some of Josh Eiserike's minicomics. Eiserike had sold these to me at SPX in 2008, but I didn't recall seeing him at 2010's event. A quick e-mail exchange reveals that he's now on the other coast, still  making comics while studying film. Anyone [...]

Meet a Local Cartoonist: A Chat with Ava Ann Vrooman

Ava Ann Vrooman was at the Small Press Expo with minicomics versions of her webcomic. She happened to be at the table next to Richard Thompson, so when I serendipitously found out that she lives in Fairfax County, I immediately pounced with the usual questionnaire.
Washington City Paper: What type of comic work or cartooning do [...]