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Mingering Mike Auctions Custom-Made 45 to Benefit Haiti

D.C.-based fantasy-soul musician/artist Mingering Mike is is auctioning off a hand-painted cardboard 45 to benefit Doctors Without Borders' relief efforts in Haiti. The auction— which is taking place on the Soul Strut message board (FYI: you have to log in to bid)—will end Thursday, January 28th at midnight.
Here's the details from the auction thread:
The [...]

Local Vinyl Round-Up

A round-up of recently released vinyl records by D.C.-based labels and bands
Mingering Mike & The Big D: "There's Nothing Wrong With You Baby Pts. 1&2"
The first ever vinyl release from enigmatic D.C. soul musician/artist Mingering Mike. Originally put to tape by Mike and his cousin, Big D, in a bedroom, "There's Nothing Wrong With You [...]

Record Fair @ Comet Ping Pong This Sunday!

Nerds rejoice. (Let's hope the vinyl skews a little rarer than '80s Kinks and Wes Montgomery LPs!) I'm sure the record fair is going to be well stocked. After all, the fair is being sponsored and promoted by some fine and discerning local tastemakers—Som Records, the Vinyl District, and DC Soul Recordings.
And amazingly, Mingering Mike [...]

Obama Is A Soul Singer

Courtesy of Mingering Mike by way of this magazine. It's the latest art from D.C.'s most famous imaginary superstar.

Listening Booth: D.C.’s Lost Soul

During my research on all things Mingering Mike, I found my way to this CD compilation–Washington Lost Soul–Carl 'Maxx' Kidd Singles Collection Vol. 1. The compilation, released in April 2007, is an amazing document of what the District sounded like circa '69-75. Sure, our city will be forever known for its inventing go-go, hardcore, and [...]

A Mingering Morning

“I want some meat!
I want some meat!
Can do without but I ‘
Can’t live without, some meat
Can’t stand the beef—over meat
Been eatin’ it raw and over heat
For many ah moooons, and all of a sudden

A Mingering Morning

"Because when I look at you
All I see
Is one of God's most treasured gift
The human
Oo and how I wish that I were
The one, to be the recipient of all
Your hugs, squeezes and kiss...Es
'So [...]

Chuck Brown Talks D.C. Soul History

This week I wrote about Mingering Mike. Mike is a talented singer, songwriter, and artist. For nearly 40 years, he chose to write in secret. Between 1968 and 1977, he recorded songs and drew his own album covers inspired by those secret recording sessions. He actively avoided fame. In fact, he insists on using a [...]

A Mingering Morning

"Always thinkin
Most times the mind
Hardly ever rest
To get the heavy burdens
off ones chest...And
'I'm tired'
Tired of workin, tired of survivin
'I'm tired'
'I'm tired' of screamin 'n' shoutin
This time I'm walkin out
Too many bumps in the road
Never had a smooth ride
And it frustrates me to see
That I'm the only one noticing
If things don't soon change...."
–"I'm Tired" [...]

Who Is Mingering Mike?

I first met Mingering Mike at a Denny's in June. He brought along his cousin Joseph War. He didn't say all that much. He kept his guard up. He ate slowly, listened to my questions, and only hinted that he may open up. I revisited the Mingering story a few months later.
I sort of put [...]