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Your Guide to the 2015 DC Jazz Festival

Top picks for the next week from Arts Desk's jazz correspondent

Jazz Setlist, May 24-29: Lena Seikaly, Mike Reed, and The Young Black Mechanics

Friday, May 24
She's not Janine Gilbert-Carter or Sharón Clark—D.C. long-timers with serious credentials—but Lena Seikaly is nonetheless probably the city's most visible jazz singer. She's a young artist, with a smooth, deep, oaky voice, and phrasing and control that belie her youth. She's also renowned on the scene for her beautiful and progressive approach to composition. [...]

Chicago Jazz Drummer Mike Reed: “Everything Has Its Roots in Something”

Far be it from Washington City Paper to spend a whole interview talking about some other town. But drummer Mike Reed is not only a Chicago musician: He's devoted an entire band project to exploring the Windy City's jazz legacy. Specifically, Reed's People, Places and Things quintet gives a free-jazz spin to the rarely trodden [...]

This Week in WCP Arts: Pabst Blue Ribbon, Scorched, Screen Vinyl Image

This week is the Beer Issue! I wrote a story that's as much about arts as it is about booze: I followed around Pabst Blue Ribbon's marketing manager in D.C.—a guy who on the way to selling you beer may also sponsor your arts event. In the arts section proper: Trey Graham tries to make [...]

Jazz Setlist, Oct. 14-20: Burrell, Balbed, et al.

Friday, Oct. 15
In the already-tough climate of avant-garde jazz, the piano is perhaps the most fearsome instrument. It's one of the noisiest, for one thing, and for another it's only on the keyboard that you can hear, a la Cecil Taylor, up to 10 dissonant notes played at the same time. Dave Burrell has a [...]