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Jazz Setlist, Dec. 19-23: Bohemian (Open-Face) Sandwich

It's a good few days at Bohemian Caverns for jazz lovers.

Your Guide to the 2015 DC Jazz Festival

Top picks for the next week from Arts Desk's jazz correspondent

Jazz Setlist, May 24-29: Lena Seikaly, Mike Reed, and The Young Black Mechanics

Friday, May 24
She's not Janine Gilbert-Carter or Sharón Clark—D.C. long-timers with serious credentials—but Lena Seikaly is nonetheless probably the city's most visible jazz singer. She's a young artist, with a smooth, deep, oaky voice, and phrasing and control that belie her youth. She's also renowned on the scene for her beautiful and progressive approach to composition. [...]

Chicago Jazz Drummer Mike Reed: “Everything Has Its Roots in Something”

Far be it from Washington City Paper to spend a whole interview talking about some other town. But drummer Mike Reed is not only a Chicago musician: He's devoted an entire band project to exploring the Windy City's jazz legacy. Specifically, Reed's People, Places and Things quintet gives a free-jazz spin to the rarely trodden [...]

This Week in WCP Arts: Pabst Blue Ribbon, Scorched, Screen Vinyl Image

This week is the Beer Issue! I wrote a story that's as much about arts as it is about booze: I followed around Pabst Blue Ribbon's marketing manager in D.C.—a guy who on the way to selling you beer may also sponsor your arts event. In the arts section proper: Trey Graham tries to make [...]

Jazz Setlist, Oct. 14-20: Burrell, Balbed, et al.

Friday, Oct. 15
In the already-tough climate of avant-garde jazz, the piano is perhaps the most fearsome instrument. It's one of the noisiest, for one thing, and for another it's only on the keyboard that you can hear, a la Cecil Taylor, up to 10 dissonant notes played at the same time. Dave Burrell has a [...]