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Protect-U Announces Double-LP Release Date, Posts New Track

D.C. synth duo Protect-U  will release Free USA, its first true LP, on May 13 via hometown label Future Times. Members Mike Petillo (a co-owner of the label) and Aaron Leitko are planning at least three performances locally in the run-up to the release date: A set at the Select DC Vanguard Festival on April [...]

A Future Times Man in London

"I can't buy every record. Which has long been my least-favorite fact about life," deadpans the gloriously bearded Andrew Field-Pickering during this chill video interview with Fact magazine inside London's Phonica Records. The Future Times producer/DJ  is back from a European jaunt in support of his excellent album House of Woo (released under the name [...]

ToDo ToDay: Memorial Day Weekend Edition

The Half Street Fairgrounds, a collection of shipping containers circled around a fallow parking lot across from Nationals Park, failed in its first attempt at becoming a destination for pop-up retail: Jewelry and clothing didn’t mix well with booze and music, the vendors said. So this summer, Fairgrounds management is doubling down on the tunes, [...]

“Double Rainbow”: D.C. Electronica Duo Protect-U Had the Idea First

More than 10 million people have watched the clip "Yosemitebear Mountain Giant Double Rainbow 1-8-10" on YouTube, and more than 6 million have seen the song version, uploaded by the comedy troupe behind Auto-Tune the News. In other words, it's a full-blown meme—and a victory for spaced-out Yosemite hippies and scrappy Internet comics the world [...]