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Music in Review: The Best Local Songs of 2010, According to Fischer

Here's my most tragic music story of 2010: My external harddrive, containing a huge chunk of my music collection, died a few weeks ago, or so it seems. So it's possible I'm omitting a song or two from this list of my favorite local songs of the year. That's my story and I'm sticking to [...]

Free Download: Midnight Kids’ Debut EP

Whether the title is a statement of unambition or just something cool-sounding, Midnight Kids' Basement Dreams leaves few doubts about the D.C. band's M.O. The group features three members of disbanded local faves the Apes, and contains many of their signifiers: Mean, muscular riffage, swirling organ powered by black magic,  lyrics forged in the crucible [...]

Midnight Kids Tonight @ Velvet Lounge

R.I.P. the Apes. When the psych-rock quartet dissolved last year, D.C. lost a great band, but also a pretty good stand-up routine. You could also count on them to drop a pitch-shifted booger-themed monologue in between songs. Midnight Kids—which includes three former Apes, along with bassist Kalani Tifford and singer LouLou Ghelichkhani—is a more sophisticated [...]

Video: Midnight Kids’ Live Debut

The Apes are dead; long live Midnight Kids.
Check out this clip—full of all the psychy power sludge you'd expect from the band's members—from the group's live debut at the Black Cat last month. (Hat tip: @allournoise.)

Breaking: Ex-Apes Re-Group As Midnight Kids

I got some great news in my in-box last night, former Apes members Amanda Kleinman, Jeff Schmid, and Erick Jackson have dusted themselves off, and re-grouped as Midnight Kids with a slinky new vocalist and Gypsy Eyes boss Kalani Tifford on bass. Amanda K. and Co. have ditched the Apes' bombastic Fraggle rock for more [...]