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ToDo ToDay: Sal Principato! Michelle Rhee! Vegetarian Dining!

Think you've never heard Liquid Liquid? Chances are, you have. The New York post-punk band recorded "Cavern," the funky track whose elements were later used—without permission—in The Furious Five's "White Lines (Don't Do It)." But to fans of New York's 1970s-'80s downtown music scene, Liquid Liquid represents more than that; the band was part of a [...]

Far Out vs. Hot Dang, Vol. 21

The state of the assemblage is strong: Cultural stuff happens in Washington, people do things to elucidate that stuff, we put some of it in Far Out vs. Hot Dang, and thus your life is infinitely improved. It's OK if the relationship is a bit "host/parasite." We think it tickles.


"I have three hairs on [...]

That Michelle Rhee Movie Just Got Closer to Its Oscar

She may have been a contentious issue in the mayoral election, but yesterday former D.C. Public Schools Chancellor Michelle Rhee got one step closer to bringing the crew of Waiting for "Superman" an Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature, as the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences narrowed the field to a 15-title shortlist. [...]

A Chat with Davis Guggenheim, Director of Waiting for “Superman” and Michelle Rhee Fan

In the run-up to its release, Waiting for "Superman”—which opens today at the Landmark E Street and Bethesda Row cinemas—has sparked an ongoing conversation about the state of public education in the United States. Its cast and crew have been profiled on Oprah and All Things Considered, the Newseum hosted a gala screening two weeks ago, and [...]

Arts Roundup: Supply and Demand Edition

Good morning, D.C.! Yesterday's big news was suspiciously similar to last Monday's big news: Dismemberment Plan tickets went on sale! Again! This no doubt pleased those who missed the three-minute availability window last Friday. It especially pleased policy wonk Matt Yglesias, who feels that something needs to be done about the way indie rock shows [...]

Far Out vs. Hot Dang: Vol. 5

Your favorite weekly assemblage of D.C. cultural noise cannot be diminished. Put down all those fall previews and dwell in the now, baby, because if you sleep on Far Out vs. Hot Dang, you're snoozin' on life. On the left, as usual, are the mind-bogglers and the head-scratchers—as well as the sweet epiphanies and fond [...]

Arts Roundup: ‘Campaigns Waged’ Edition

Will the 9:30 Club’s new quasi-record label prove successful? Did every media shop in town cover lone client Justin Jones’s invitation-only CD release party last night? Well, there’s your answer. You might recall club co-owner and Jones sugardaddy Seth Hurwitz telling City Paper this last month:
The goal of this has never been making money on [...]

Big-Shot Director: Michelle Rhee Should Stay in the Picture!

Ward 4 residents pining for that Trader Joe's aren't the only ones mourning Vince Gray's defeat of Adrian Fenty in Tuesday's mayoral primary. The new documentary Waiting for Superman, which opens here Oct. 1, explores the state of public education across the country, including in D.C. under the leadership of Public Schools Chancellor Michelle Rhee.
In [...]

This Week’s Greatest Hits on Arts Desk: Fan Death’s Haterade, D.C. Twitter Trends, Michelle Rhee

This week, haterate spewed everywhere. The dudes behind Fan Death Records aren't impressed with D.C.'s music—and they named names. Check out what they had to say, and the 100-plus comments—angry, amused, confused—that followed:

Fan Death Records to D.C. Bands: "Stop Sucking"
Twitter Adds Local Trending; D.C. Tweeting Skews Scatological
Arts Roundup: Michelle Rhee at Sundance Edition
New Songs for [...]

Arts Roundup: Michelle Rhee at Sundance Edition

Good morning! Sundance continues! Yesterday saw the premiere of The Runaways, the eponymous biopic of the all-girl hard rock band that spawned the careers of Lita Ford and Joan Jett.
But the buzziest film of the weekend, Waiting for Superman, is on a slightly dryer subject. No, it has nothing to do with the Flaming Lips. It's the [...]