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Reviewed: Melissa Ichiuji at Galerie Lareuse

Political caricature is usually the purview of cartoonists. Melissa Ichiuji's recent work, however, dips a toe into the pool—though her pieces are more closely related to Honoré Daumier than say, Bill Day or his contemporaries. Of course, there is one principle distinction: Ichiuji's portrait busts are made from, among other things, ladies' undergarments.
"Fair Game," the series [...]

Arts Roundup: American Girl Edition

Don't Do Me Like That: On the one hand, you've got to sympathize with artists like Tom Petty, whose music has been borrowed by the campaigns of George W. Bush and now Michelle Bachmann. He's asked Bachmann not to use "American Girl," but because her campaign has been playing it at public events, he likely [...]