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The Caribbean, Out of Exile

"I don't write autobiographical music," says Michael Kentoff, an hour into our interview last month. "Those are David Crosby songs. I just don’t like them."
If you've heard The Caribbean—and you should make of point of listening to the D.C. trio's excellent new album, Discontinued Perfume (Hometapes)—then you understand that: The band's songs are weird, self-contained universes, jewel-box [...]

Far Out vs. Hot Dang, Vol. 24

Indeed, Far Out vs. Hot Dang is kinda icky and gross this week. It's not your fault. I mean, maybe it kinda is. Don't be embarrassed.

Will Durkl: "Just got laughed at in CVS for asking where the manilla folders were. They don't carry them obviously"
"The running joke was if you looked up angry black man [...]

“Wild Untamed Planet of Weirdness”: The Caribbean on its Arts on N Street Collaboration with Matt Hollis

Enter Pittsburgh's Mattress Factory museum and you've got to take note of the noise. Much of the audio in its room-size installations falls into the soundscape camp—ambience, washes of noise, abstractions. That kind of thing. But "the stuff that really works actually has some meat on its bones, something like a melody,” says Michael Kentoff, [...]