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Song Premiere: Tereu Tereu’s Remix of the Caribbean’s “Imitation Air”

"Tereu Tereu took a murky, dystopian love song and made it a murkier, more barren planet even less fit for human habitation."

The Caribbean, Out of Exile

"I don't write autobiographical music," says Michael Kentoff, an hour into our interview last month. "Those are David Crosby songs. I just don’t like them."
If you've heard The Caribbean—and you should make of point of listening to the D.C. trio's excellent new album, Discontinued Perfume (Hometapes)—then you understand that: The band's songs are weird, self-contained universes, jewel-box [...]

Far Out vs. Hot Dang, Vol. 24

Indeed, Far Out vs. Hot Dang is kinda icky and gross this week. It's not your fault. I mean, maybe it kinda is. Don't be embarrassed.

Will Durkl: "Just got laughed at in CVS for asking where the manilla folders were. They don't carry them obviously"
"The running joke was if you looked up angry black man [...]

“Wild Untamed Planet of Weirdness”: The Caribbean on its Arts on N Street Collaboration with Matt Hollis

Enter Pittsburgh's Mattress Factory museum and you've got to take note of the noise. Much of the audio in its room-size installations falls into the soundscape camp—ambience, washes of noise, abstractions. That kind of thing. But "the stuff that really works actually has some meat on its bones, something like a melody,” says Michael Kentoff, [...]