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Far Out vs. Hot Dang, Vol. 19

Hey kids, don't forget about the Twitter list. If you're not on it, we're probably still waiting for you to say something worthy of it. But you can rest assured that Far Out vs. Hot Dang is totally panoptical: When you finally do get your game tizzight, we'll see it. Unless we're blacked-out for one [...]

Arts Roundup: Charm City Offensive Edition

Oh, look. There's some snow on the ground. My street? Still not plowed. Pitfalls of living in Upper NW, I suppose.
Speaking of the Great Icy North, Sarah Godfrey notes that MuchMusic, the Canadian answer to MTV, is days away from launching a new version of RapCity that will likely bear little sonic resemblance (i.e., way too [...]

MCCXXIII Dance Club Closes Its Doors

The Going Out Gurus broke the news that MCCXXIII (otherwise known as 1223) has closed it's doors. The club's owner claims a rent increase as the reason the decade-old Connecticut Ave. club is pulling the plug. This club was the cornerstone of what I think my sister likes to call "The Gaza Strip." In other [...]