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Sound of the City Chases Its Dreams on a Hopeful New EP

"Our goal is to create timeless music, something that can be played in front of your children."

ToDo ToDay: Duncan Trussell! Christo! Psychic Mirrors!

Comedians are philosophers, but few philosophers are comedians. Duncan Trussell, the stand-up and podcast host, is one of the few with the ability to analyze the human condition and make his humor rise to the realm of dharma. His podcast waxes on his foibles, fallibilities, and family problems—a recent episode featured his dying mother. But [...]

Arts Roundup: Superficial Fodder for Social Media Edition

"At its worst, the [Barbara] Kruger installation [at Hirshhorn] is simply a backdrop, wallpaper for snapshots, superficial fodder for social media or a jumble of bold color leading to the gift shop, where matching tote bags and wallets are available for purchase." [Post]
Peter Marks says Kathleen Turner shines in Arena's Molly Ivins [Post]
Where does Gwydion [...]

Tomorrow: Peekaso Hosts His First D.C. Art Exhibit

Last year, Demont "Peekaso" Pinder was a "freestyle portraitist" in every sense of the term—traveling the world with an iPad and an easel, hoping to capture the moment and build a reputation as the DMV's hardest-working painter. “I’m everywhere,” he told me in December. “I’ve gotta make it happen and I can’t take no for an [...]

Arts Roundup: List Roundup Edition

Morning, all. Well, it's a slow time of year–seems like time kind of stops around the holidays. There wasn't even a new episode of Top Chef All-Stars on last night. Regardless, let's see what's going on in the world of arts and entertainment.
Legendary jazz pianist and longtime D.C. resident Billy Taylor died yesterday of a [...]

Far Out vs. Hot Dang, Vol. 17

No deep reflections or wise words this week. Just housekeeping: If one of your tweets has been immortalized in Far Out vs. Hot Dang, you are forever a member of the Twitter list. YOU ARE A MEMBER OF THE CULTURAL ELITE. Be cool about it, OK?

"I get a lot of compliments on my female figures"
"Though [...]

“There Is Only One Morgan Klein”

Chad Clark, the core of Beauty Pill and a general all-around D.C. music dude, posted this today on his Soundcloud page:
My friend Morgan Klein is a brilliant kook. Check it out.
In the deluxe CD reissue of Michael Jackson's "Thriller," there are some extra tracks appended. These are making-of interviews with Quincy [...]

All Roads Film Festival: Boy, Reviewed

Below, we review another movie from the ongoing All Roads Film Festival. Check back here all weekend for reviews of films showing on Saturday and Sunday.
Taika Cohen, the New Zealand-born director who got lauded by Variety as one of "ten new directors" to watch, brings us a  film about coming of age and Michael Jackson—but [...]

Arts Roundup: The Tea Partiers Are Coming Edition

Good morning, D.C.! City schools started up yesterday: How's it feel to say goodbye to summer and get back on that education grind? Godspeed to all Teach for America instructors, really.
The Howard Theatre turned 100 to much fanfare this weekend. Yesterday, the Comcast commercial starring everyone's favorite independent cafe without a liquor license dropped. Aaron Morrissey finds it [...]

The Pragmatist: Three Songs to Play Loudly on Your Back Porch as the Summer Ends

Fall is drawing near, threatening to swiftly dethrone the golden bliss of summer. Soon, the sunlight will wane, and our sleeves will get longer. You can resign yourself to the inevitable changing of the seasons, or you can take up arms and fight back! Sure, maybe you can't change the physical date at which autumn [...]