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At Photoworks, Images of D.C. Food Trucks, Shabby Windows, and a Couple’s Intimate Moment

Some of these montages are too cliché, but others carry impressive weight.

Reviewed: Michael Horsley at DCAC

Michael Horsley is best known for his documentation of pre-gentrification D.C., but in “At the Crossroad: A Topography of Space, Time and Memory,” an exhibit of new and newish works at DCAC, Horsley turns the page—at least a bit—to a more varied conception of the American landscape.
While the exhibit includes a bunch of examples of [...]

ToDo ToDay: Twelfth Night, Pusha T, and El Rey Opens

Leave it to Synetic Theater’s team to breathe new life into Twelfth Night while removing the play’s dialogue—and reimagining it as a 1920s silent picture. The company will channel Chaplin, Keaton, Laurel, and Hardy (and do the Charleston) as it tells the story of Viola, a devastated maiden who disguises herself as a man and becomes a [...]

Have You Seen Michael Horsley’s Photos of a Blighted D.C.? Probably.

Michael Horsley is sitting on the corner of 14th and T streets NW, across from the building where he says gangs used to sell women for sex.
“I had a knife pulled out on me one day when I was just sitting out on my stoop,” he says. “This guy came chasing a prostitute around the [...]