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Crystal Fairy, Reviewed

When you’re at a party and higher than the stars, chances are you’re either in the mood for group hugs or bashing your fist into the nearest face. Crystal Fairy, written and directed by Sebastian Silva (2009’s The Maid), centers on Jamie (Michael Cera), who feels the former one night and the latter the next [...]

All Roads Film Festival: Up Heartbreak Hill, Reviewed

Growing up sucks. Like so many John Hughes films have taught us, average American teenagers grapple with all kinds of isolation and self-doubt while figuring out who they are and how they relate to their families. Add to that the challenges of growing up on a Native American reservation, and it's more complex still. Up [...]

Arts Roundup: Southern Shore Edition

Morning, all. Here at the Washington City Paper, it seems like everybody's got their eye on the upcoming election. And it's still August, so a lot of people in town won't be waking up from their end-of-summer second gear mode 'til after Labor Day weekend. But there are still glints of culture–you just have to [...]

The News in Film: Early Word on Arrested Development, Kill Bill 3, and More

Briefly Noted: A roundup of industry news
• This Is It tickets selling out worldwide: “It,” in this case, apparently meaning “a goldmine.” Advance sales of Sony’s quickly cobbled-together film of Michael Jackson’s rehearsal footage from what was to be his final tour are already in “epic demand,” according to the studio. Maybe it’s because of [...]