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One Track Mind: Canine Teeth’s “Shape Up”

Standout Track: No. 2, “Shape Up,” Canine Teeth's brief, dark exploration of a romantic relationship at a turning point. A twinge of insanity is audible in the first half of the song, which fits spoken-sung vocals into echoes of Massive Attack’s brooding trip-hop template. The second leg erupts into distortion, frying R&B-flavored lines like “I’m [...]

Listen: Will Eastman Remixes The Caribbean

It looks like spring is finally here, a good thing given the shitty winter we've just endured. If you're like me, you're ready to lower the windows and blast something breezy from the car.
If that's so, you might wanna peep this new remix from DJ/producer Will Eastman (owner of U Street Music Hall and one-third of [...]

Listen: New Mixes from Volta Bureau and Future Times Records

Both Volta Bureau and the gang from Future Times Records have released new mixes that look back on their favorite tracks from 2012.
But for the three DJs and producers in Volta Bureau, one mix just wasn't enough: Members Micah Vellian, Will Eastman, and Outputmessage each crafted their own retrospective on the year in dance music. [...]

Outputmessage Is on a Hot Streak

The members of disco trio Volta Bureau can claim credit for a lot of hot shit this year. Together, the Will Eastman/Micah Velian/Outputmessage ensemble has released a slew of blissed out dance anthems, culminating in the infectious single "Hope." Before that, in April, Eastman and Micah Vellian took a cool Italo turn with the single "No [...]

Arts Roundup: Love Cubed Edition

Bureau of Awesome: WaPo's Megan Buerger hits up Saturday's Artisphere party, where she declares Volta Bureau's live debut a success. The group features local DJ-producers Will Eastman, Outputmessage, and Micah Vellian. Extra props to the vocals, courtesy of Outputmessage (aka Bernard Farley). Buerger writes: "Toward the beginning, Farley’s digitally teased voice was so soft — a [...]

Will Eastman Releases Jack DJ Mix

"We grew up in vastly divergent places, but we all grew up with the disco sound ingrained deeply," says Wisconsin native Will Eastman, one third of local production team Volta Bureau (mentioned on this blog a couple times recently). The trio, which includes Philippines-born Micah Vellian (Miguel Lacsamana) and New York-born Outputmessage (Bernard Farley), kicks off a busy fall schedule [...]

Micah Vellian Handles the “Drama” of U.S. Royalty

We had to chuckle yesterday when we heard Micah Vellian's remix of "Equestrian" by D.C. pop-rockers U.S. Royalty. Vellian (one-third of Volta Bureau) didn't try to scale back the unreformed haughtiness of the original; instead he candies the song's hooks with a dance-pop beat. We asked him about his artistic choices. His reply:
U.S. Royalty commissioned [...]

Download: Volta Bureau’s “Love Cubed”

Volta Bureau—the disco-for-history-nerds trio of local DJs Will Eastman, Micah Vellian, and Outputmessage—released a new single today, which you can download over at the group's Soundcloud page. "Love Cubed" is basically bottled bliss, pitch-shifting already-shimmery sounds in the direction of heaven. The band makes its live debut at Eastman's U Street Music Hall on June [...]

Will Eastman Now Has a House Trio

Will Eastman keeps adding members to his projects. The U Street Music Hall co-owner's last single, "No Sleep," was a collaboration with another local, Micah Vellian. Along with Outputmessage, the producers also form a trio called Volta Bureau, which released its first song, "Let Go," yesterday. (Not to complicate things, but Micah Vellian and Outputmessage [...]

This Week in WCP Arts: Listen Vision, Inkognito, Steve Jobs

Rend Smith has the cover story this week with his account of why Listen Vision, a local recording studio, incurred the wrath of the recording industry and the Metropolitan Police Department. Sadie Dingfelder leads off the arts section with her profile of Inkognito, D.C.'s youngest, brashest wheatpaste crew. Trey Graham reviews Signature Theatre's And the [...]