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ToDo ToDay: Ital, Floor, and the High-Achieving Emanuel Brothers

Ital’s DJ work is good enough not to necessitate any live-show frills, but the man puts on an impressive footwork display. When he performed at DC9 in September, he stomped and slid like an aquaphobe caught in a rainstorm behind his table of gear. His shimmying showed a visible passion far more entertaining than [...]

Ital’s Daniel Martin-McCormick: “I Didn’t Want To Do Some Jamie Lidell Shit”

Daniel Martin-McCormick got his start screaming and playing guitar in the wild and wonderful Black Eyes, which released two records on Dischord in 2003 and 2004. Today, he's best known as Ital, the name for his electronic dance-music project, but he’s also half of Mi Ami, which went from a three-piece rock band to a more [...]

Daniel Martin-McCormick Has Not Run Out of Jams

Altered Zones points to this cool video from LA Vampires Goes Ital—a project from frequent-collaborators-of-spooky-buzz-bands LA Vampires and Ital, which is one of D.C. expat Daniel Martin-McCormick's many outlets. Martin-McCormick, a former Black Eyes member, gets ink 'round these parts mostly for his work with Mi Ami—lately of fucked up nu-disco fame—and Sex Worker, which is his project [...]

Far Out vs. Hot Dang, Vol. 28

REVIEW OF FUNDAMENTALS: On one side are the deep thoughts, the reflections, the revelations, the oddballs, the paradoxes and the acid trips. On the other side are the conflicts, the punchlines, the flameouts, the retorts and the oh-wows. Or something like that. It's Far Out vs. Hot Dang, people and it is THE FUTURE OF [...]

Arts Roundup: Shake Your Tiny Fists Edition

Good morning, radioland. The Republican-controlled House of Representatives voted to defund National Public Radio yesterday, although it probably doesn't matter: The Democratic-led Senate isn't likely to take up the bill. Shake your fists anyway.
I started reading this Anne Midgette piece—about a performance of Japan's NHK Symphony Orchestra at Strathmore—expecting a big, heaping dose of feel-good. [...]

This Week in WCP Arts: Punk and Go-Go In Eckington, Reading Imagining Madoff, The Strokes

Sadie Dingfelder leads this week's arts section with her feature "A Tale of Two Warehouses," about an Eckington punk space that police shut down after 10 months—and an Eckington go-go venue that they shut down before it held a single show. Ted Scheinman breaks down the differences between the original script of Imagining Madoff and [...]

Mi Ami’s “Dolphins”

Get ready to get weird. Mi Ami, the trio-turned-duo featuring former D.C. resident Daniel Martin-McCormick (ex-Black Eyes), just released a new music video to promote their forthcoming 12-inch, "Dolphins." This bizarre synthesized odyssey is the album's title track; it's the longest of the record's four songs, clocking in at more than nine minutes. With the [...]

Reviewed: Mi Ami’s Steal Your Face

On first listen, Mi Ami's sophomore album, Steal Your Face (Thrill Jockey), seems to begin where last year's Watersports left off—quite literally. "Harmonics (Genius Of Love)" practically kicks off midstream, with guitarist and vocalist Daniel Martin-McCormick's frantic yelps hitting a histrionic high pitch at the song's start. If Watersports had been a double album, the C-side [...]

Mi Ami to Drop Thrill Jockey Debut in April

We really like Mi Ami. Arts Desk contributer Aaron Leitko really really likes Mi Ami. So it's a good thing, then, that the noisy, experimental San Francisco group—which includes two D.C. ex-pats, former Black Eyes members Daniel Martin-McCormick and Jacob Long—will release its sophomore album, Steal Your Face, on April 13 on Thrill Jockey. The [...]

Festival Watch: Smell Anniversary Fest, Sounds Like Brooklyn, Noise Pop

Neon Hates You/Smell Anniversary Fest: The Smell is the sort of DIY space that makes a scene. All ages, with a bent toward the experimental and interesting, this L.A. spot is about to mark its 12th anniversary with a weekend festival (Jan. 22 and 23) that seems heavy on the stuff [...]