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We Must Increase Our Busk

Playing music in a public space for tips currently occupies a gray zone in D.C. Metro law.

In Photography and Video, a Moody Paean to Washington’s Metro System

Slow pans, zooming headlights, and those damn escalators.

Arts Roundup: Dumb Trends Edition

Who is #STICKMAN? [Mixed Media District]
White House denies it's banning movie screenings because of Academy Award politics. Also: How influential are those VIP screenings anyway? [Post]
A silent disco is coming to Metro this weekend. [DCist]
And yarn-bombing is coming to Brookland. *Forehead slap* [Post]
Kathleen Hanna name-drops D.C.'s Priests (and says other cool things) in this interview. [Brightest Young [...]

Arts Roundup: The Day the Music Died Edition

Chuck Brown Park loses its amphitheater. [Housing Complex]
The green paint is almost gone! [WJLA]
Montgomery County's Nighttime Economy Task Force aims to make Montgomery County a nightlife destination. [WTOP]
Rorschach and Synetic theater companies meet their Kickstarter goals. [Post]
Dance Place breaks ground on its soon-to-be-renovated space. [AP via WJLA]
Got three-and-a-half minutes to burn? Watch this sucky Metro [...]

Arts Roundup: $30 Million Rug Edition

Corcoran sells a Persian carpet for more than $30 million, but the money can't go to operating expenses. [Post]
OK Go and NPR team up for a music video that documents the great migration of the Tiny Desk to NPR's new headquarters. [Huffington Post D.C.]
Textile Museum goes on the market for $22 million. [WJLA]
The Eisenhower Memorial [...]

Arts Roundup: Drone Art Edition

The second Trillectro will now take place Aug. 17, not Aug. 3 as previously announced. [Post]
Hirshhorn director Richard Koshalek, who plans to resign in part because of the Bubble's struggles, may leave before his planned December exit date. [ArtInfo]
Corcoran's Gallery 31 will mount an exhibit on drone warfare this summer. [DCist]
D.C. Public Library Chief Librarian Ginnie Cooper [...]

ToDo ToDay: Bill T. Jones, Speedy Stand-Up Comedy

Watching a dance performance from the lawn at Wolf Trap can be like looking at a painting from a mile away: Details of lines and phrasing disappear in the gulf between stage and grass. But once in a while a company comes along with a show that transcends the less-than-ideal conditions. “Story/Time” by the Bill [...]

Metro Can’t Live Without Your Radio

On Twitter yesterday, the Examiner's Kytja Weir noted what at first glance struck me as something of a cultural moment: The proposed new Metro map, which the WMATA board reviewed yesterday, no longer uses what she calls a boombox—but what looks to me like a hand-held radio—for its "No Audio" icon. Instead we get something more [...]

Arts Roundup: Chaos Reigns Edition

Welcome to the new Thunderdome! And I don't (just) mean the imminent swearing-in of the 112th Congress. Even WMATA is managing to top itself beyond employees using the tracks at the Mt. Vernon stop as a toilet. Just ask those intrepid arts reporters. ArtInfo blogger and Caps enthusiast Tyler Green was bounced from the Gallery [...]

Head-Roc’s Mouth: Metro Is “Lunching!” Joe! (But Music in the Stations Would Help)

An occasional feature in which esteemed D.C. rapper Head-Roc shares what’s on his mind.
Metro is "lunching!" Joe! How many times have fares gone up since they killed like nine people on the Red Line not too long ago? Twice at least, right?  And just like clockwork, the escalators are broken systemwide, plus just last week 60-plus [...]