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Ground to a Halt: Magrudergrind’s Scion Deal Alienated Its Peers, But Does It Matter?

Magrudergrind singer Avi Kulawy doesn’t want to talk about Scion, the Toyota brand that controversially released the group’s recent EP, Crusher. Kulawy would rather chat about the years his band spent toiling in D.C.’s underground music scene. He’d rather discuss how the trio brought its unique spin on grindcore—an aggressive sound that combines elements of [...]

New Magrudergrind EP Available Now

It seems like Toyota's Scion Audio/Visual, otherwise known as Scion A/V, has been marketing itself to a younger generation of music-literate Americans for years now, featuring special releases by burgeoning musicians.
The newest band featured by Scion A/V? Local grindcore trio Magrudergrind. Perhaps Scion isn't exactly the kind of name a metal musician would like to be [...]

Check Out the Deciblog Scream-Off

According to one Nick Green, "Screamo bands covering Top 40 songs [is a] full blown epidemic." He's right: Lil Wayne. The Fray. The Postal Service. The Knack, for Christ's sake (personally, I love that last one–it's good background music for shot-gunning 16-ounce Natty Lights). In an ongoing special over at Decibel's Deciblog, contributors put 16 [...]