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DMV Beats: Mullyman’s Ravens Anthem, Ace the Artist, Beat Tape Projects

Purple Reign

The Baltimore Ravens have some issues. They were the Cleveland Browns until 1996, so the Midwest grapples with their very existence. Catch them live, and you’ll see a franchise that revels in its bad-guy persona: only the bruising defensive players get player intros; you’ll hear three straight Rick Ross tracks and then Metallica during [...]

Full Disclosure: Fugazi’s Live Series Is a Lot More Than Angry Banter

In 2009, a 45-minute MP3 of audio from Fugazi concerts cropped up on punk and indie-rock blogs. But it wasn’t a musical recording: Instead, James Burns, the fan behind the file, had cobbled together choice clips of outrageous stage banter. The collage not only affirmed the band’s reputation for hardline punk diatribes (“Would the gentleman in [...]

Arts Roundup: ‘Words Of Wisdom From Nomi Malone and Jessie Spano’ Edition

Morning, readers.
*Elizabeth Berkley plans to write a self-help book to help boost young girls' self-esteem. Presumably it'll skip the whole section about doing a movie where you snort coke, have sex in a pool, and push the lead showgirl down the stairs so you can take her place in a topless Vegas extravaganza. Though hopefully [...]

Music in Review: Greatest Pits

Arts Desk contributor Brandon Wu photographs a lot of shows, but for our Music in Review issue, he did a 180 and pointed his camera at the crowds. His photo essay includes fans of Metallica, Lady Gaga (above), Britney Spears, Mates of State, Mudvayne, Yo La Tengo, and more. Check it out here.

Clip Job: Five Genre-Identifying Band Names

Channeling late '70s bands like the Jam and the Beat, D.C.'s Modest Proposal was a fixture of the city's early-'80s mod and ska scenes, and the group performed for several years before disbanding in 1986. The few songs it committed to vinyl, on several singles and compilations, are charming, catchy examples of a movement that—with [...]

Study Finds Metal Soothes Monkeys

If you want to mellow out a monkey, play him some Metallica.
That's the surprising result of a new study by Charles Snowdon, a
University of Wisconsin-Madison psychology professor. The researchers played clips of music— including Metallica's
"Of Wolf and Man," Nine Inch Nails', "The Fragile," Tool's "The
Grudge," and Barber's "Adagio for Strings"—for cotton-top tamarins.

Dethklok and Mastodon Touring 34 Cities

Not only is Dethklok getting its own video game, but Brendan Small's once-imaginary band has somehow managed to arrange a 7-week tour with Mastodon, the most popular metal act to come out of Atlanta and Metallica's current tour opener. Mastodon's Crack the Skye hit the streets in March of this year, and Dethklok's Dethalbum II [...]

Misfits @ Jaxx October 25

Punk leftovers-cum-merchandising powerhouse the Misfits have announced a fall tour, stopping at Jaxx Sunday, Oct. 25. It's not quite Halloween, but close enough.
The Jersey-bred musclemen/metal punks emerged in 1977, developed a crude catalog of '50s B-movie themes banged out and recorded with even less tact,  and, technically, disbanded by 1983 (when head howler Glenn Danzig [...]

SXSW Recap: Friday

Medications: When Medications performed at Fort Reno a few years back, I told drummer/bassist Chad Molter that I thought his band's new songs sounded sort of like mid-'70s Fleetwood Mac, in a good way. I'm not sure he really liked hearing that, though. At any rate, when they played Friday, at this funky art-space/theater, the [...]

Photos: Metallica @ Verizon Center last night

(Full set of photos at Flickr.)
In my City Lights pick of The Sword at Rock & Roll Hotel, I didn't really have particularly glowing things to say about Metallica. Like many metalheads, I'm a big fan of their early material, up to and actually including the Black Album, but they completely lost me after that. [...]