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Arts Roundup: Rest In Peace Edition

Go-go drummer and MedStar Washington Hospital Center employee Melvin "Butch" Lewis has died after exposure to Freon gas on the job. [TMOTTGoGo] [Post]
Rest in peace, local jazz great Butch Warren. [Arts Desk]
Ford's Theatre's The Laramie Project moves its remaining shows to a downtown church. [Arts Desk]
Park Police shut down the Sunday drum circle in Meridian Hill [...]

Arts Roundup: Hey, Look! There’s My House Getting Crushed By a Giant Robot Edition

Photoshop and Make-believe: The term NewsBeast might have new meaning today with the cover of the new issue of Newsweek, which—in case you've been living under a rock that blocks access to Twitter—imagines and visualizes what Diana, Princess of Wales would be like at 50. Royal hanger-on (and editor-in-chief) Tina Brown used the magic of [...]

Another Week, Another WTF Bluebrain Project

Arts Desk writes about Bluebrain a lot—but can you blame us? In contrast to most local bands' gig-and-record-and-gig M.O., the duo of Ryan and Hays Holladay seems to devote most of its energy to out-there, one-off projects, like boombox walks and audio accompaniments to Natural History Museum exhibits. It's got another event coming up: Restriction, [...]