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Don’t Be Bored: Conquering Cultural Attitudes? isn’t as bad as it could be. A site aimed explicitly at female fans, after all, might host the worst kind of patronizing drivel—the assumption being that women aren’t interested in the game because they don’t understand it, and all that’s needed is some basic explanation. Other than the occasional post about players’ hairstyles, [...]

Ryan Little’s 10 Best Local Tracks of 2011

I didn't realize how great a year it's been for music in D.C. until I started compiling this list. While I didn't hear many landmark, career-defining albums in 2011, there were a ton of great songs from both young and veteran artists. Whatever D.C.'s reputation, there's a healthy community of smart, ambitious musicmakers in this [...]

Don’t Be Bored: Latke Advice

Having one successful band just isn’t enough these days. If an enigmatic songwriter is to stand out in this music climate, he or she must inundate the public with material to stay relevant. So it goes for Bradford Cox, whose work with indie-rock band Deerhunter splintered off into Atlas Sound, the moniker for his solo [...]

Don’t Be Bored: Cuddle Pop

There remains a stubborn controversy in jazz about the influence of European music—its extremes best exemplified by writers like Stanley Crouch (who thinks the European tradition is anathema to jazz) and Stuart Nicholson (who thinks the creative spirit of jazz has abandoned America for Europe). But the simple fact is that jazz is indeed thriving [...]

Arts Roundup: Oops Edition

Color Bind: Hang out in the restaurant Domku on Upshur St. NW, and you'll see an exhibit called "Faces of Petworth"—a collection of portraits of people who are mostly white, even though the neighborhood is mostly black. Oops, photographer Michael Wilkinson more or less tells The Washington Post, which today ponders Petworth's changing demographics, and [...]

Don’t Be Bored: Know Your Chicken

At the time, Cibo Matto’s 1996 major-label debut Viva! La Woman may have seemed like goofy, flash-in-the-pan stuff—playground-rhymy and seemingly food-obsessed, with every song named after something edible. But at that point, American radio listeners were still recovering from the clinical depression of grunge, and seemed eager to champion anything that reconstructed their self-esteem—Rage Against [...]

Folk Takes Flight: Meredith Bragg’s “Birds of North America”

Quietly persevering as always, Alexandria resident Meredith Bragg is prepping his newest LP, Nest, for a Kora Records release later this year. Just yesterday, Paste premiered a new video for the song "Birds of North America" from the forthcoming album. It's a soft, well-textured dose of folk-centric indie rock, and it's worthy of your time. [...]

Crowdsourced AOL Writers to D.C. Bands at South by Southwest: “Beatles or Stones?”

Spinner, AOL's upstart music Web site, approached this year's South by Southwest festival with Texas-sized ambition: It would interview every band and artist performing there—all 2,000 of them.
And so Spinner put out an APB to writers experienced and un-: Give us an interview, we'll give you $50. Don't worry about being familiar with your subject; [...]