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The C List: Will Lenny Campello’s 100 Washington Artists Serve Its Subjects or Its Author?

The C List
Does a book on D.C. artists serve its subjects or its author?
By Kriston Capps
How many people did it take to write Lenny Campello’s book about his 100 favorite D.C. artists? One, right?
Try about 125.
Longtime D.C. art dealer, blogger, and booster F. Lennox Campello is assembling an encyclopedia whose title says it all: 100 [...]

Reviewed: “Art Scouts” at Arlington Arts Center

Ryan Kelly, "Fortress of Solitude"
At the end of last year, the big hub-bub in the D.C. art world was the powerful art collector Mera Rubell’s observation that she has “never seen such isolation” among artists as she has in D.C. The most recent exhibition at the Arlington Art Center, "Art Scouts," confronts that argument. Six [...]

Another Summer, Another Search for a Museum Director

Corcoran director Paul Greenhalgh resigned yesterday, and if Corcoran employees want to commiserate, they should look no further than their neighbors on the Mall. In the past few years, the District's art museums and organizations have experienced a high rate of turnover for their top jobs, especially at high-profile institutions like the Hirshhorn and the [...]

Corcoran Sale Gets Art Community Talking, Fighting

The Wednesday announcement from the Corcoran that it has sold the Randall School—a building the institution bought in 2006 as a planned extension to its campus—was met with skepticism by some local art bloggers, based on what they alleged was a possible conflict of interest. That's because the museum sold the building to the art-collecting, [...]